'Duke of Edinburgh' plans released

Back in May, we mentioned that the the Duke of Edinburgh pub on Malpas Road was being redeveloped as flats. Here's an image of what it will look like when done.

Its small size and off-the-beaten-track location meant that the pub (not especially cherished according to readers' comments) was never going to be a prime candidate for redevelopment as a gastropub, 'trendy wine bar' or even a decent local boozer, but it's always a shame when handsome pubs pass away. At least the rennovation should be reasonably sensitive.
The flats are on the market with Acorn.

Any comments?


Anonymous said...

Sorry, not quite related but there's a fantastic 2 page write up on Brockley in the Evening Standards Homes & Property pull out.

John S said...

How interesting to see that they have managed to create a picture which means you can hardly see the council flats that surround it on three sides...

Jon said...

and not a car in sight - it's like some sort of utopia!

Monkeyboy said...

Had a nose around the Lewisham planning application site thingy that Nick kindly added a link too. The link below has more info and some detailed drawings (see the 'Documents' tab) Interesting if like me you're a nosey bastard.


Monkeyboy said...

is this finished yet? looks inoffensive from the outside. No mismatched bricks or architectural flourishes to disturb the sensitive.

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