Cafe Crema, New Cross Road

BC review to follow, please post your comments and reviews here.


patrick1971 said...

Nice place, bit scruffy for me these days as I fast approach middle age, but certainly a good thing for New Cross. IME there can be an interminable wait for food, and there's a bit of the South American menu syndrome, where only three things from a menu of 100 dishes are available. Having said that, though, I've not eaten there in ages so it could have changed. Film nights are good.

I've heard both Cafe Crema and Prangsta are under attack from Goldsmiths and Lewisham Council. Apparently, and I could be wrong, but Goldsmiths own all the properties, but Lewisham Council won't let them convert them into university facilities as they want it to stay retail space. Goldsmiths will only give short leases, so businesses are reluctant to take them up as there's no security, hence the parade becomes run-down, hence it's easier for Goldsmiths to pressurise the council to let them do what they want with it.

Anonymous said...

Presumably Goldmiths, like so many landlords, want to turn it all into flats?

Anonymous said...

can we just ask caffe crema what the situation is before starting rumours again?

Danja said...

Transpontine covered a local press story on this:

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