Stuff happening soon

There are a few things happening in the next few days to tell you about:

1. Frendsbury Community Garden Workshop, March 7th 2009. 11am-2pm. Learn how to plant garlic, sunflowers, onions and other nice things. From there, head over to...

2. Brockley Ward Assembly, St Andrew's Church, 2pm-4pm, March 7th

3. Brockley Ukes play the Amersham Arms Sunday night, March 8th

4. Brockley Max, Aquarium, Harefield Road, 8pm, March 12th


Tamsin said...

Also Telegraph Hill Festival Events (limited to those within the SE4 Postcode):

Friday 13th @ 10.15 Art Start in the Hatcham Oak Children's Centre Wallbutton Road (but places limited - need to call 7732 8803 in advance).

Sunday 15th @ 2.00 Tai Chi demonstration in the Children's Centre.

Monday 16th @ 6.45 Film on the making of the Equiano plint in the Telegrpah Hill Lower Park in the Children's Centre

Monday 16th @ 7pm Talent Show Case event in Crossways Academy Sprules Road(£1)

Monday 16th @ 7.30 Talk on Joseph Hardcastle of Hatcham House (anti-slavery campaigner and associate of Wilberforce) in the Children's Centre

Tuesday 17th @ 8pm The Strawberry Thieves Choir songs on "Resistance and Revolution" with poetry and prose (£4 - wine or soft drink included) the Children's Centre.

Friday 20th @ 6 to 8pm Tea Leaf Arts Late Night Opening (join them for a glass of wine)

Friday 20th @ 7.15 Mongoose Thai Boxing Club demonstration in Crossways Academy

Friday 20th @ 8pm "An Ordered Kaosz" (physical theatre married with dark humour) Crossways Academy Drama Studio

Friday 20th @8.30 to 11pm Poetry Gig and Music Jam (Moonbow Jakes lives again? Open mic slot, register by 8.30) Crossways Academy
Licensed Bar

Brockley Nick said...

Tamsin how did I know you'd do that? ;) Was planning to give th festival its own article, don't worry!

Tamsin said...

Sorry to be so predictable! A pleasant distraction from work and these are new events which deserve extra promotion.
What I will send you soon, if I may, is a follow up on the Waldron Public meeting and the leaflet that includes what the official consultation does not tell you.
(Working in local campaigning is a justification for checking out this blog regularly - nice...)

Tamsin said...

And something very different - but a follow on to a public meeting mentioned a week or so back:

Wednesday 11th March @ 7pm in the Waldron Health Centre, Amersham Vale Training Practice, Suite 5

A meeting of the Save our NHS Campaign group co-ordinated by Lewisham Pensioners Forum on the issue of publicising the Waldron Consultation and an appropriate response to the first part regarding putting the "GP led health Centre" out to tender.
Those interested who cannot attend can ring 020 8690 7869 to be put on the campaign group mailing list.

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