Crofton Park Assembly, May 13th, 7pm - 9pm

Prendergast-Ladywell Fields College (formally Crofton School),
Manwood Road

Sarah Cooper, Co-ordinator of the Assemblies for Lewisham Council writes:

We hope to see as many Crofton Park readers of Brockley Central at the next Assembly as possible.

At our meeting in January 2009 the assembly set up a number of priority working groups, these groups have met since and have been busy exploring our priorities further with the community, local groups and the assembly coordinating group, to progress assembly ideas and projects.

At our meeting in May there will be feedback from each priority group on their activities in the ward to date and presentations on a number of project proposals put forward for Mayors Funding, for the assembly to consider.

Proposals include: trees and meadowland for Blythe Hill Fields, funding for youth provision, a Crofton Park community website and community notice boards.

The Crofton Park draft charter will be introduced at the assembly meeting for feedback. The draft document will be available from 11 May until 1 June on the assembly webpage for comment.

As always there will be a community updates item, including an update from the Safer Neighbourhoods Team, Friends of Blythe Hill Fields, Time Bank and Lewisham Link. This item is open to anyone at the meeting, so if you have any news or information that you would like to update the community about, please take the opportunity to do so at our meeting.


Comment said...

What a mouthful that school name is.

Anonymous said...

From a report on the Reccession going before The Mayor on Wednesday...

Ward figures show that the increase in JSA claimants
was as high as 71.7% in Crofton Park.

In terms of actual numbers, 148 new people have registered as Jobseeker in Brockley, 167 in Crofton Park and 168 in Downham.

House prices in Lewisham have fallen by 12.9% between February 2008 and February 2009, compared to a fall of 15.6% in London and 16.5% for England and Wales.

The average Lewisham House price was £256,978 in January 2009, compared to £288,391 in February 2008.

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