*TONIGHT* Live Music at the Ladywell Tavern, Thursday June 4th, 7pm onwards

Don't forget that this Thursday tonight, Brockley Central will be hosting a live music night at the Ladywell Tavern. It's a great venue for music and should be a top night.

The music starts at 8pm, but Brockley Central will be there from 7pm onwards.

We have four great bands taking part, which you can read about here.


mintness said...

Had the MySpaces of the various acts on in the background on Sunday afternoon and enjoyed it all thoroughly (though I'm sure the sunshine helped). Bring on Thursday night!

Anonymous said...

Please don't forget the film night at the tavern on Wednesday - Hilly Fields and the Ravensbourne feature prominently.

Sarah said...

I'm not sure where to post this, but I'm always astonished at how the Brockley Max is under-promoted in Brockley. I've lived here for eight years and very rarely have I seen anything promotional for the event before it's begun. I live in the Crofton Park end of Brockley now and had no idea the festival was even on until I noticed it mentioned on Brockley Central. OK, so I work in town and don't go out that much in Brockley, but twice a week I walk from Crofton Park across HIlly fields up into the conservation area and down to Brockley Station. You would have thought that I would have seen some kind of posters/promo material in the past few weeks, but nothing. It seems crazy that the volunteers and performers go to so much effort when so much of the community must be unaware that it's going on!

TM said...

Are we having name badges tomorrow?

You will need about 50 with annonymous on....

Tee Hee

Brockley Nick said...

What's wrong with the tried-and-trusted method of sidling up to someone and asking if they're here for the blog thing?

Brockley Nick said...

Sarah, I think the answer is that people do try hard to tell people what's going on. Volunteers have been giving out leaflets, local businesses are displaying them, etc. But you're right, plenty of people obviously fall through the net.

This year, the MAX has embraced digital, with a revamped website, email mailing lists, facebook and of course we've tried to do our bit on Brockley Central. I'm glad the MAX found you this time around.

Brockley Kate said...

It would be good to have a big banner on Hilly Fields and another on the railings on Brockley Rd, and perhaps one by the station, but I guess that all those things would need council permission?

Could have used those community noticeboards by the station, but I don't know how you get access to them.

Moira said...

We've had banners from 2004-7 at Brockley Cross and Brockley Road. We couldn't afford them this year.
Posters have always been put on trees on Hilly Fields, but apparently this is not allowed any more.
The shops in Crofton Park had programmes delivered on three occasions before the start of the festival to keep the supply up.
No programmes were handed out at Crofton Park station this year as no one volunteered.
Some roads in Crofton Park had programmes delivered but again, this depended on volunteers.
I asked on this blog last year if people would like to sign up to the B Max email list - one person did so.
Regardless, I've about 300 programmes left from the 20,000 printed. There's been over 16000 hits on the website, over hundred people are signed up to the Facebook site, and over 400 on my B Max email list. We had an article in this month's Lewisham Life, and a listing in in The Newshopper and its been listed on various other websites.
I'm always astonished that some people don't know about a festival that's been going for 8 years and where all the volunteers work so hard to publicise it.

John said...


I think the astonishment is that there are many leading artists and session musicians giving their time for free, rearranging events and gigs to perform for the Max and to run workshops. What is also amazing is the amount of people who are supporting the event in their own time. If you can find another free community event of this scale anywhere in London run purely by volunteers with a tiny bit of funding from the council year after year then I will give you a bottle of wine at the marquee?

Jam Circus last night was rammed and fantastic, well done Simon for getting these guys over from Serbia ( and of course Russian Igor and his lovely partner Sarah). 250 people over the evening possibly??? Know there were four bar staff flat out for hours. Tonight for me is Mr Lawrence’s to see the beautiful Daisy perform then Jam Circus for a bit of Diva. May try and summon the energy for Flaky Jake at the Wickham.


M said...

Is there a running order for the bands tonight?

Moira said...

Loads of great events this evening. Chris should be finishing the mural this afternoon. Over the Moonbows next installment is up on Moonbow's windows. Come along to meet the artists at Tea Leaf Arts. The fabulous Les Is Morchestra on at the Wickham, Paraphenalia's Fashion Show at Jam Circus and four bands plus the Brockley Central crew at the Ladywell Tavern. Phew!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting films at the Ladywell Tavern last night (Wednesday) - and good discussion that followed.

The demand prompted a couple of extra showings after the main event!

John ex-moonbow said...

Going to need some Brockley Blitz spirit for the second half of the festival with weather invasion on several fronts!


sonofagun said...

Very poor turnout for Flaky Jake at the wickham last night,apart from the locals must have been all of 4 people from the community.

John ex-moonbow said...

Wednesday is always the slowest night of the festival – Mr Lawrence’s was very busy with all seats taken and many standing to watch Daisy, Diva at Jam Circus had people dancing and the film night sounds like it went well. 3 out of 4 not bad!


The Cat Man said...

I am planning on attending the classical music marquee on sunday, do we just pay when we arrive?

May also attend sat. night but not sure on the acts - are they just a repeat of mainly the opening night at the train station?

John ex-moonbow said...

Hi Cat Man

Pay on arrival £4 or £10 for the whole weekend. Saturday is very good. Sarah Gillespie ***** independent **** mojo/Guardian Earl Green often played on Radio 2 and UK Blue vocalist of the year 4 times, The girls in Delta Detour are stunning and Queens English are up and coming, and well known to the under 25 crowd.

16.30-16.45 DJ Mr Ed
16.45-17.15 Nairn + Friends
17.15-17.45 DJ Mr Ed
17.45-18.35 Sarah Gillespie and Friends
18.35-18.55 DJ Mr Ed
18.55-19.15 Julian Jacobson
19.20-20.12 Delta Detour
20.15-20.35 DJ Nova
20.35-21.15 Queen’s English
21-15-21.40 DJ Nova
21.40-23.00 Earl Green and the Right Time

Brockley Jon said...

Hello all,

Just thought I'd bump this up, to remind you all, and say that I'm really looking forward to it! Do come along if you can - it should be a great night with great music.

Starting at 8, running til about 11, here's the play order:
Louise & Irene
Rob Marr
Skinny Lister
Dune Lake

Brockley Jon

Anonymous said...

There's a Ska band on at the Wickham Tomorrow night ( Friday )The Scaredy Cats,Been told there very good,Live Music for free come on

Pete said...

I'm going to come along as my wife is out at work for the evening. Will there be plenty of other BC readers there to keep me company as I hate being in pubs on my own with no one to talk to?

Anonymous said...

There is a bloke generally present who can tell you about his bowel movements - and the chap on the bar tonight would appreciate a 'have one on me mate' as well.

Brockley Kate said...

All 3 BC contributors will be there Pete, we'll keep an eye out for you!

Tamsin said...

Nothing posted since 9 o'clock last night. You were obviously all at the Ladywell Tavern and had such a good time you did not go on-line when you got home but rolled straight into bed!
Sorry not to join you - the printers had come back with a problem on the next Hilly Telegraph that needed sorting.
Cutting back a bit on the print run and delivery, so wont be going south of St. Asaph this time - come and collect one from the Centre after next Thursday.

Tamsin said...

At John - 3 June 17.28 Er, if I tell Moira to mention the Telegraph Hill Festival to you (community show with upwards of 100 cast members - ten days of other events and no Council funding) do I get to share that champagne?

What is totally remarkable about this patch of London is that we have two such great community Festivals with no paid staff and relying on volunteers. What is really sad is that so few people cross the divide and go to - or even know about - the "other" one.

T said...

Sorry - too late at night. Sarah not Moira and wine not champagne...

John ex-moonbow said...

Great night all over Brockley last night and really busy everywhere.

Brockley Jon’s first stab at being a promoter was very impressive, I saw Skinny Lister and Dune Lake and liked them both a lot. Fantastic!

May need some hardiness from Brockley and beyond over the next few days due to weather, as this is my last BM (leaving the area at Christmas – while pulling on the heart strings) it is key that another organiser will be interested enough to want to take it over.

If you are coming over tonight or over weekend is it possible for you to just put how many and when on BC so I can get gist of numbers? Cheers,

Hope to see you at some point.

17.45-18.15 Film Band – First Set
18.15-18.30 DJ Saffrolla warm up set
18.30-19.15 Poetry - First Set
Jazzman John Clarke // Daniel Maitland // MC Isabel // David Bottomley // Ronnie McGrath // Kathryn Oreilly
19.15-19.45 Film Band – Second Set
19.45-20.00 DJ Saffrolla
20.00-20.40 Poetry – Second Set
Jazzman John Clarke // Joe Duggan // MC Isabel // David Bottomley // Ronnie McGrath // Kathryn Oreilly Comedy Set
Jessica Fostekew // George Ryegold // Rosie Wilby // Nick Helm
22.20-23.00 DJ Saffrolla

PS. May be one very interesting foreign act in the middle of all this tonight.



Amanda said...

I managed to catch the Skinny Lister set last night. I like that band very much. The place was heaving, so very well done and thank you to the organisers for a putting on a very attractive bill.

max said...

I came for a quick drink at about 10ish but it was so busy that regretfully I had to decide to leave thirsty as I had to go back home and finish a job with deadline for today.
Looked like a fantastic atmosphere.

sonofagun said...

Another venue was also good last night Les is Morchestra at the Wickham.Yes Pete plenty of BC readers will be there,But dont listen to Anon 17:54 he or she doesn't know what there talking about, because The Wickham only has Barmaids.Cheers

Pete said...

Thanks to Nick and John and everyone else who organised this last night. I thought the bands were all very good, and it was nice to meet some of the other people that use this blog.

I've never seen the Ladywell Tavern looking so full.

Moira said...

Paraphanalia's fashion show was also packed last night. tHnaks everyone.
In addition to the Marquee of Moonbow, the mural should be finished, Over the Moonbow continues on Moonbow Jakes window, there's Against the Wall live painting at the Tank Gallery, Brockleywood Nights at the Brockley Jack, Damyan and Vall at Jam Circus and The Scaredy Cats at the Wickham.

mg said...

Thanks Jon, Nick, Kate and all the bands, last night was really good. And Hilly Fields will be great, just hope the weather holds!

Brockley Kate said...

Last night was fantastic, Jon and Nick did a great job (I can't claim any credit, I'm afraid).

The Tavern was totally packed, and it was great to see loads of friendly faces both old and new, and meet a few more BC readers. Thanks so much for your support everyone. I have a feeling this won't be a one-off ... but I'll let Jon comment on that!

Brockley Kate said...

Oh, forgot to add - it was also good to see some of the local councillors in there later in the evening, enjoying a hard-earned drink after pounding the election trail all day.

Headhunter said...

Boo hoo, I couldn't make it. The damn recession is over in banking and I'm no longer free as a bird. All our bank clients are clamouring to hire people again and I'm working 50-60 hour weeks at the moment trying to get everything done. Ended up getting home, grabbing some food and then going back to work til about 10. Hope to get down to Hilly Fields over the weekend....

drakefell debaser said...

Last night was thoroughly enjoyable so thank you to all involved.

Looking forward to the weekend now starting with the Scaredy Cats tonight.

fabhat said...

Nice to meet some of the posters in person as well as The Three Brockleteers. Very enjoyable night...

sonofagun said...

Damn The Scaredy Cats didn't turn up at the Wickham last night,No they were not scared,already been booked at the Birds Nest,Get paid there I suppose,Had to put up with bloody Karaoke,Gutted

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