Plonkers of Brockley unite

London is not known for its fine wineries, but this hasn’t stopped people down the road in Tooting Bec growing their own grapes in their back gardens, and coming together as a collective to press and bottle them, creating their own Tooting tipple. Founder Richard Sharp has since started a London-wide cooperative, The Urban Wine Company, and they're recruiting.

It all seems like exactly the sort of thing that the gardeners of Brockley would be interested in, and the perfect excuse for a wine tasting tent at the next Hilly Fields Fayre. We know there are plenty of secret gardens in Brockley, but what about vineyards? And has anyone given wine making a go?


Anonymous said...

You dont need grapes to make a good wine.

Brockley Jon said...

Care to elaborate?

The Cat Man said...

I have a vine in my garden, quite a big one.

I like big things.

quick brown fox said...

Here's a few - most if not all don't need grapes

- Apple wine
- Blackberry Wine
- Blackcurrant Wine
- Damson plum wine
- Dandelion Wine
- Elderberry Wine
- Ginger Wine
- Gooseberry wine
- Mead
- Nettle Wine
- Parsnip Wine
- Pear Wine
- Plum Wine
- Rhubarb Wine
- Sloe Wine

Tamsin said...

Agreed about not needing grapes. A couple of years back I had to cut back some elderflower in full bloom which seemed an awful waste so I looked out a recipe. It was still fermenting when I transferred it into bottles so what we have ended up with is elderflower champagne. Even longer ago I had a mass of blackberries and no time to deal with them - so again making wine was the quick fix. It is now virtually a cordial - very strong and quite delicious.
On the other hand a collective to make grape wine is a great idea - I had a quick look at their website (and his recipe for sloe gin).

sonofagun said...

You can make wine out of about anything.

Elder flower
Rose Hip

The list is endless.

Anonymous said...

I think we'd all like to know if you can make wine from a a certain vegetable...

max said...

Yes you can.

Anonymous said...

Oh excellent! You knock up a bath full and I'll meet you at Headhunter's. I'll bring some of my latest 'Free Tibet' literature and Ezmerelda. Oh and some coke of course.

Danja said...

Anonymous said "good wine", though.

Naive said...

Wine and Coca Cola seems a strange mix.....

Tressillian James said...

Not in Spain it isn't

September said...

...'Exclusive: South-East London suburb produces world's first mung-bean wine...'

Anonymous said...

Now your just nit picking Danja

September said...

Sorry, hadn't read the link, perhaps that should read: ...'Exclusive: South-East London suburb produces world's first drinkable mung-bean wine...

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