Avengers Assemble!

Ladywell and Crofton Park's mightiest residents will team up to decide how a total of £60,000 should be spent on local projects to clean up the streets and help Thor-out community relations.

The Ladywell Assembly will meet tonight to discuss their Vision of how the £50,000 Mayor's Fund should be spent. It's a Hulking-great sum of money, so Cllr Luxton is hoping for a good turnout.

Come along between 7-9pm to the modern science block of Prendergast School on Adelaide Avenue, SE4 1JL.

Meanwhile, Crofton Park Assembly is casting its Hawkeye around for submissions for the Crofton Park Locality Fund, a £10,000 fund open to projects that aim to improve or benefit the Crofton Park ward.

The deadline for submissions will be Friday October 30 2009.

Short-listed Locality Fund proposals will go to the Crofton Park Assembly, on 18 November 2009, for a decision by public vote.

If you would like to apply for Locality funding please contact Sarah.Cooper2@lewisham.gov.uk for further information and an application form.

Timewasters can expect a Waspish response.


Matt-Z said...

Being a Crofton Parker I've asked for an application form. What does the area need though? And what costs less that £10,000? More trees, planters on railings / hanging baskets, new bins, relaid pavements? I can't think of a large enough space to put benches.

Anonymous said...

I'm yet to see the results of the 2008 locality fund in Brockley, any signs of where it went?

Anonymous said...

On a small latte and artisan bun

Anonymous said...

What does 'Thor-out' mean?

Hank Pym said...

Thor = thaw. Thor is one of the Avengers, along with hulk, vision, hawkeye, wasp and me. Earth's mightiest heroes.

Crofton park man said...

Spend it on trees, trees and maybe some more trees...

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