The Telegraph Hill Assembly, October 19th

Honor Oak Community Centre
50 Turnham Road

October 19th, 7pm-9pm

The Telegraph Hill Assembly is an open community meeting that takes place four times a year. The Telegraph Hill ward includes the areas of: Honor Oak, Somerville, Kender, New Cross Gate and Telegraph Hill.

The assembly is: an opportunity to get involved in improving your local areafind out what’s happening in the Telegraph Hill ward and decide how the Mayor’s Fund of £50,000 could be spent in the Telegraph Hill ward.

All residents of the ward are welcome.


The Cat Man said...

"Honor Oak, Somerville, Kender, New Cross Gate and Telegraph Hill."

Revelon Road - So what area am I then?

Tamsin said...

The dark side, the west side, that annoying-not-so-little-anomoly-that-we-don't-know-whether-to-include-in-the-Hilly-Telegraph-drop-or-not-because-it-is-in-St-Catherine's-Parish-but-psychologically-the-wrong-side-of-the-tracks...

Why don't you, Finland, Arica, Dundalk and St. Asaph get together and put in a bid for conservation area status, then at least somebody would call you something.

Anonymous said...

What is the Arabin/Braxfield/Comerford/Whitbread/Howson Road area of Brockley called?
It's not in the conservation area/not far enough south to be Crofton Park/ too far south for Brockley Cross. Are there any estate agents here?

Sorry to go off topic on the thread.

The Cat Man said...

Tamsin, that was rather funny!

If we put in for conservation area status it would mean I would not be able to do my loft conversion.

My own private needs outweigh the needs of the many im afraid for the time being!

Do you think the area is good enough to be a conservation area?

The Cat Man said...

And thank you for the Hilly telegraph, I actually read it and thankful it gets delivered to my street.

Tamsin said...

I was half serious - there are some much smaller conservation areas and you seem very similar to Hatcham. What are you planning loft-wise? A whole new storey? You would still be able to do the loft conversion if it did not affect the appearance of the front of the house.

Glad the Hilly Telegraph got to you - I did not check up on where it was delivered to this time and we seem to have a lot left over. But 4000 is a bit skimpy and 5000 seems to generate some wastage.

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