Brockley Assembly, March 3rd - Mash of Civilisations

March 3rd, 7-9pm
Breakspears Hall
Lewisham College
Lewisham Way

The next Brockley ward assembly promises to be a blockbuster event, starring not one but four local groups, who will be presenting their visions and plans for the area's future.

Transition Brockley, the Traders Association, the Brockley Cross Action Group and the Brockley Society are all due to speak. The Brockley Youth Panel will also speak about their priorities.

Be there.


ppp said...

Labour, Lib Dem, Greens, it's all a blur, none of them really deliver what people want. Active citizenship is the way forward.

Anonymous said...

and what do people want?

Anonymous said...

More organic fairtrade produce presumably.

ppp said...

To change the way they live and the area they live in for the better.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a double glazing salesman "do you want to save £££'s on your hearing bill?" doesn't actually tell me anything. Thanks for trying though

Brockley Nick said...

@Anon - the obvious answer to your question is go along on the 3rd and find out what local people want. Or indeed, read the comments on the pages of this blog to find out the kinds of things local people want.

But in terms of those groups, I would say, broadly, they want the following:

Broc Soc - preserve the character and beauty of the conservation area by preventing certain types of development.

BXAG - make Brockley Cross and nearby streets better for pedestrians, greener and prettier, to make life more pleasant for all.

Transition Towns - encourage more people to shop and spend time locally and to encourage local businesses to act in a more environmentally sustainable way.

Traders - to persuade the authorities to provide a more benign local environment to encourage small business in Brockley.

All of these are laudable aims, in my view.

Brockley Central's aims are broadly in line with all of this, along with promoting and amplifying local cultural life (in which all these groups also play an important role, eg: BrocSoc Summer Fayre, BXAG Xmas Market, Traders provide venues for local events and Transition promote local events that reflect their world view in some way.

What do you want?

Brockley Nick said...

PS - I agree with PPP that much of this is possible through local activism, however, local government must play a role in providing the right environment for localism to flourish.

For example, investing in the public realm by providing the high streets that will attract businesses and the parks that people will want to stage events in. Creating financial incentives for people and businesses to do things that support these objectives (eg: subsidy for shop front improvements) and punishments for people and businesses that do the wrong things (eg: clamping / towing for people and businesses that park slap bang in the middle of our pavements)

If government can do the basics to provide a pleasant public realm, communities can do the rest.

ppp said...

The delivery of public services is one the key things that frustrates people.

Schools: what people want is schools that educate and equip kids to be able to fully participate in the world. What does mean? The usual skills; reading, writing, numeracy, but also confidence and creativity. I don't think that's a lot to ask, but it's a lot more than far too many schools seem to be able to manage.

Loads of money has been spent of schools in the last 10 years, why haven't we got delivery of this? I think active citzenry can play a part.

The thing I want to see from the assembly is that it empowers local people to make changes for themselves. It starts first with talking, establishing common concerns and interests or helping to shape and influence formulated ideas. Then thinking about how best to deliver them. Neighbours talking to face to neighbours, it's about politically legitimate as you can get.

Anonymous said...

great idea, we could organise into smaller subdivisions - Lewisham is after all a large borough with unige challenges. Lets call them 'wards' each ward could ellect a representative. Now of course the borough as a whole has to have some kind of common policy but local wards could have their own assemblies and a small budget to spend locally..... oh hang on, we have that.

PPP, you fall into the old trap. Things are shit it's 'their fault'. We get the politicians or cllrs we deserve. You sound like a chap who has some firm ideas behind your rather broad statements about things beig rubish at the mo. Why not stand and explain exactly how you want to change things.

Anonymous said... could of course send me back to school to learn to type and perhaps spell.

ppp said...


ppp said...

So I'll be there tonight, see if you can work who I am.

ppp said...

Good to see Nick picked up my idea about inter ward cooperation tonight. ;).

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