Guest column: Tommy Franzen - the legend continues

By Emma Coombes, local resident

Last Friday, I posted an article promoting local dancer Tommy Franzen and an emphatic plea for Brockleyites to lend him their support in BBC1’s current Saturday night show So You Think You Can Dance….and it worked!

Tommy stormed through last Saturday night’s semi-final gaining the largest public vote amongst the men. This was a phenomenal achievement. Tommy started off as a dark horse in the competition, overshadowed by other competitors who had stronger instant public ‘local’ appeal and, early in the series, faced elimination. However, his dance credentials have always shone through and this was recognised by the judges, who elected to keep him in.

Since then, Tommy has dazzled with some spectacular dancing, mastering all styles from hip hop (his chosen discipline) to the quick-step and in addition, choreographing his own inspirational solos – last week described by the judges as ‘outstanding’.

His ability to master, mix and combine such a variety of dance styles has led him to become the judges favourite, the bookies’ favourite and judging by last week’s vote, one of the public’s favourites too.

As I said last week, I think Tommy is a great reflection of the artistic talent in the Brockley and Lewisham area. He is an inspired and creative dancer and a great role model for youngsters in the area. Last week many of you voted for him – mention of the Brockley Community’s support even appearing on his official Facebook fanpage. Hell, even Ainsley Harriot has posted a public message of support for him on You Tube, and what better endorsement can be achieved than that….(!)

This week Councillor Heidi Alexander officially lent Tommy the Mayor’s backing, stating "Tommy is a fantastic ambassador for a borough overflowing with creative talent. His amazing performances speak for themselves and I'm sure the whole of Lewisham will be right behind their local hero in the final on Saturday night."

So, as our Mayor likes to state, ‘Lewisham’s Got Talent’… so let’s vote for Tommy on Saturday night and prove it!


Anonymous said...

He'll win as contemporary dance isn't cool but hip hop and breakdancing are.

Anonymous said...

Not sure he's a definite you know. Think the favourite is still a girl who is a contemporary dancer. He's actually done salsa/broadway/pop-jazz/quick step and fused them with hip hop in his solos, which I think is what has impressed most. The other dancers haven't really matched this creativity yet.

Blue sky said...

I agree with the second anon. I hope he wins, and not just because he's one of us! he seems to have developed the most as a dancer and choreographer and has made a big effort to incorporate all the different styles he has learnt into his solo dances in a really clever, amusing and creative way. The others are obviously all great dancers as well but I don't think they have the same talent choreographically (is that a word?!) For example, Charlie still seems to think that holding her leg above her head is enough. Impressive, but not new!

Anonymous said...

I'd prefer a contemporary dancer to win as I am one (try some classes at the Laban!) but think he will win because he is the most likable. It shows in his performance despite the fact he doesn't have the strongest technique.

Agree he is more a choreographer than a dancer and that is the clincher. If you look at BGT, Flawless were the better dancers technically (by far) but their choreography was so-so.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a shame Tommy wasn't given the chance to do a contemporary dance. The contemporary routines have been amazing in this show (tho I'm not a dance expert!) and been most popular with the public. Still, Tommy to win in my book!

Anonymous said...

Its better for Tommy not to do contemporary. He needs 6 months to pick up the feet placement and body alignment. Contemporary is as hard core as ballet.

Anonymous said...

"This week Councillor Heidi Alexander officially lent Tommy the Mayor’s backing."

No pub singing for the Mayor this weekend?

Anonymous said...

He wouldn't have taken 6 months for him to pick up contempory: he already uses elements of contemporary in his solos and before he was breakdancing he was a contemporary dancer.

emmajem said...

As the author of the original post, I would just like to say a huge thanks to everyone who has supported Tommy throughout the series. I was never that interested in dance until I started watching Tommy and I hope he inspired others to feel the same way too. Whilst I'm pretty gutted he didn't win, 2nd best dancer in the UK still isn't bad! So thank you again...and good luck to Tommy (he's at Sadlers Wells/Peacock Theatre next month if you want to see him!)

Anonymous said...

There is a really cool interview with Tommy on Retox Magazine!

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