The Crofton Park Ward Assembly Forum, March 23rd

Wednesday 23 March, 7.30pm - 9.30pm, at St Hilda's Church Hall, Courtrai Road, SE23 1PL

Subjects for discussion will include:

1. Streetscape: future environmental improvements and maintenance, including improvements outside Crofton Park Station.

2. School road safety project: traffic and parking is one of our assembly’s ward priorities. Prendergast-Ladywell Fields College have a school campaign for better road safety outside of their school, but we hope to expand this road safety project to include all the local primary schools. We would like your ideas and help to develop a school road safety project for Crofton Park.

3. Street party planning: rather than hold a formal assembly meeting in July we are proposing to organise a street party in Crofton Park

4. Streetscape: Street recycling bin project, we would like local people to review a project idea by young people in Crofton Park for a street recycling bin project around shopping areas and schools.

5. Roads and pavement maintenance

6. Youth Provision


8. Community notice boards

9. Honor Oak Recreation Ground: There will be information and discussion about the cemetery expansion plans which is threatening the recreation ground. As always there will be the opportunity for anyone from the local community to update the assembly on any local news or activities happening.


Bob from Brockley said...

I was a little irritated to get the leaflet through the door about the Assembly, with some words about "what would improve quality of life in Crofton Park" or something like that, and I thought the single thing that will make a big difference to quality of life in Crofton Park would be our wonderful local library staying open.

oryx said...

Hear hear (or is it here here, or indeed 'Here hare here' as per Uncle Monty in Withnail and I) but completely in agreement with you about the library.

patrick1971 said...

The only idea that will really deliver a safe road strategy outside schools is to stop all the moronic parents driving their kids there instead of making them walk five or ten mins, but that's not going to happen.

Anonymous said...

how about moving the bus stop outside Mr Lawrences?

If you move it up 3 shops Mr Lawrence's could have outside seating again like it used to.

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