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Please use this thread to get together with musicians in the area.

Matt writes:

I just wondered whether it might be possible to add some kind of section for "musicians wanted", where people with similar tastes can find others that may be interested in making music together?

I don't know if many musicians read BC on a regular basis, but Brockley seems to be a fairly creative place, so I figure it's worth a try.


Tamsin said...

Musicianny things are coming up in the Telegraph Hill Festival if people want to get together and get in touch:

Tuesday 29th March
Scratch Orchestra Workshop / 5.00pm - 6.00pm
St Catherine's Church - Free
Come and play (or sing) with an hour of creative music making, all ages, standards and instruments welcome! Register in advance with
Becky -
becky - at (preferred)
or just turn up on the day.

Open Mic at the Telegraph / 8.00pm - 11.00pm
Upstairs at The Telegraph, Dennetts Rd. - Free
Songwriter, musician, story teller, poet or
comedian? Come and participate or just come along to watch the local talent. Please contact Alex on 07753 693 364 if you would like to

Jazz Club / 8.00pm - midnight
The Hill Station CafĂ© - £5.00 (£3.00)
A night of jazz, in an intimate atmosphere. To play or sing - come along on the night or contact
paul - at - Licensed bar.

There are also a series of Guitar Workshops and the customary Classics Concert.

Tuneful dogger said...

Only last night I was shaking a great pair of maracas

Brockley Ian said...

I'm looking to bring together a group of guitarists to form a sort of 'Guitar Circle' of Brockley.

Plans are deliberately vague but I see a group of musicians playing largely improvised/generative music where technique, although most welcome, isn't perhaps as critical as in some groups.

I'm testing the water to see if this strikes a chord (ho ho) with anyone. Reply here or email me at ianfaragher at hotmail dot com if interested.



Anonymous said...

The problem with jazz is that the jazz night and the event on the 29th March probably won't sound too dissimilar

Brockley Dogging Society's Lonely Hearts Club Band said...

A few of out members play the pink oboe, although another snapped a banjo string last night on top of the childrens slide - has anyone got a spare?

Tamsin said...

Depends - the main thing is that people enjoy themselves. We nearly had a "vegetable orchestra"! Making strange instruments with vegetables and playing them in a jam session, (before, presumably, making them into jam). Will still happen, but later as a Transition Town event in New Cross.

Brockley Dogging Society said...

Tamsin, we've tried a vegetable night a few times. You wouldn't want to use them for jam afterwards though. Did you come?

Cat said...

That's probably just about enough from the BDS for the moment. You are risking over-exposure, and not only because of the inclement weather.

BBF said...

And for any classical musicians out there, don't forget Harmony Sinfonia, Brockley's resident orchestra, which rehearses on Wednesdays at Prendergast.
We still need string players, and I think some brass.

Anonymous said...

Cat, are you from the Brockley Catting Society?

karmafarm said...

There's a nice open mic at Jam Circus twice a month- first and third Sundays I think.

Anonymous said...

Open mic nights are just a cheap way of not having to pay bands to play.

Anonymous said...

Open mic nights are just a cheap way of not having to pay bands to play.

Not Elton John. said...

or are they a casual opertunity for a band to play, no pressure, no money has changed hands? The punters will not feel ripped off if it's rubbish. Some people play just for fun - it's a laugh. Also a chance for peeps to have a go at performing.

Now stop being a misserable bugger.

Tamsin said...

And in the Telegraph - alternate Wednesdays. It is a really nice way of having a go at building the confidence to perform in public. As NEJ says, no money changing hands makes for a much easier relationship, none of the punters are necessarily expecting very much but can be agreeably surprised when they find they are witnessing something really great.

If you don't like it - go to another watering hole that night or stay in to watch X Factor.

Anonymous said...

Last time I went to the JC one it felt like a creche.

what are you like said...

Heavens, kids playing instruments?

Anonymous said...

Most of them are not good enough to get paid anyway.

Monkeyboy said...

I'm not sure people have grasped the concept of an "open mike" spot.

Anonymous said...

Please enlighten us.

mb said...

anyone can have a go, doesn't matter how good you are. That's the charm, that's why it's called 'open'.

Hope that's clear.

My next lesson will be how to walk and chew gum at the same time, I'll have diagrams. Tune in.

Crofton Park Doggers Circle said...

Mb, that all sounds fun but what about the open mic night?


Anonymous said...

Brockley is absolutely full of professional musicians as well as good (and probably bad) amateur players. As a film composer I am sometimes given the chance to hire some of the best orchestral players in London (which also means the best in the world) and there are often several who come from Brockley, Honour Oak, Telegraph Hill. I also know quite a few composers like myself, some very successful.

Tamsin said...

Agreed - this year's Community Show in the Festival is Zoe, commisioned, as I understand it, for Glyndebourne from composer, John Lunn, who lives locally. And the Classics Concert performers' biographies for the programme always indicate their national or international standing.

The Swanmeister said...

Right, I run the open mic night at Jam Circus. It's now just once a month on every first Sunday, from 8.30 till around 11pm.

It's becoming extremely popular now with local singer/songwriters, and at this month's event we had a total of 21 different acts and went an hour over time in order to accommodate everyone. Carey (bass player with Athlete, who are local boys) came the previous month to try out some of his new solo stuff (which was awesome by the way). Yes, there are youngsters there too. A few. Not many. We have had evenings when there have been more kids than adults, but that was before it was widely known about and because there weren't enough adults, not because there were too many kids. My two lads (12 and 14) often play, but I think Mr Anonymous might just be jealous because he might be shown up by the talent of many of the young people. And as for "Open mic nights are just a cheap way of not having to pay bands to play" - you do talk rubbish, Mr Anonymous-I'm-too-scared-to-give-my-name. Jam Circus have regular local bands in weekly who they do pay. Open mic nights are popular and are a chance for people who may or may not be professional, who may or may not have lots of talent to show what they can or can't do. If you don't like them, don't come, they're only once a month, we won't miss you. But don't complain about something which quite obviously lots of people enjoy and support.

Rant over. Do come to the next one which will be on 3 April (preceded by the Nunhead Community Choir doing a mini-concert at about 4pm)

Gerry said...

Don't let the curmudgeons get to you, Mr Swan - you always get a few trolls on here, but most people have sufficient brain cells to understand what open mic nights are about.

Continuing good luck to Jam Circus with theirs/yours.

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