Longer platforms: Longer trains, new timetable from December 2011

Mike reports that the platform extension work at Brockley Station is due for completion on December 5th, 2011, paving the way for longer, more evenly-spaced trains to London Bridge when the new timetable launches later that month. The new timetable means a net loss of one train as two poorly-used trains are cut while one is introduced to fill a gap. The Southern email states:

On the Sydenham route, we will be running longer peak time trains, with the 06.32, 07.02, 08.02 and 08.32 Norwood Junction to London Bridge and 16.36, 17.05, 17.36, 18.06 and 18.36 London Bridge to West Croydon services being lengthened from 8 to 10 cars.

An additional 09.36 Crystal Palace to London Bridge service calling at all stations will be introduced. This fills a 17 minute gap in the shoulder peak towards London Bridge on the Sydenham route.

The existing 17.25 and 18.24 London Bridge to Crystal Palace trains will be withdrawn due to low passenger numbers. The 17.19 and 18.19 London Bridge to London Victoria via Crystal Palace service will continue to operate as now as will the 17.36 and 18.36 London Bridge to West Croydon services which will be increased to run with 10 coaches. Coaches released from the withdrawn services have been redeployed to reduce overcrowding on other services on the Redhill route.

Overall, longer coaches on peak services, with two trains axed in the evening peak, however those longer coaches will compensate.

Mike has helpfully worked out when the new London-bound trains leave Brockley:

06.32, 07.02, 08.02 and 08.32 Norwood Junction to London Bridge
- from Brockley these are at 06.47, 07.17, 08.17 and 08.47
09.36 Crystal Palace to London Bridge
- will be a new train at 09.47 (with the existing 09.50 still running 3 minutes after)


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if we are getting more frequent services through Crofton Park / Nunhead on the Thameslink from December?

Anonymous said...

Have lifts at two stations pls!

jensonslife said...

Wait... the 8:03 to London Bridge is gone?

Robbie Lumsden said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

This sounds to me as though the additional capacity created by the Overground is being offset by cuts in the Crystal Palace - London Bridge service. A bit worrying - given how crowded the Overground is getting these days, I think we need all the capacity we can get!

Anonymous said...

Be nice to have a 172 bus that follows the times printed on the timetables also opposed to one whenever they feel like running one.

Bus geek said...

Use the live bus times programme on your mobile.

Anonymous said...

Like I did this morning when I missed one by seconds to get told the next one is over 20 mins.

Like I did last week for 10 mins after 5 mins saying 6 mins and then after 5 mins still saying 6 mins.

J.R. Shakerley said...

I hope it takes less than eight years (which is the current prediction, I believe) to reintroduce Brockley Lane station. I can only imagine how swift the journey from Brockley to Blackfriars would be. Might we be safe in thinking that transport really is getting better? It is worrying to think of having a link so close to Millwall - overcrowding can be a serious social plight and lead to incidents that would be otherwise avoidable (I am referencing the fact that the stadium is so close - can anyone inform me of plans to address this potential problem with the proposed Millwall plans?). A better proposition, I think, would be that resources were spent improving what we already have - on the surface it sounds like that is happening already, though.

Anonymous said...

Is there anywhere we can see the new December 2011 timetables?

Anonymous said...

Completed today or not?

Catto said...

When are the longer trains coming in? It's more of a squash than ever lately!

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