St John's Baby and Toddler Group - Nearly New Sale

The St John's Baby and Toddler Group, a playgroup run entirely by volunteers twice a week at St John's Church on Lewisham Way, is holding a nearly new sale on Thursday 1 December between 9.30am and 11am.

If Brockley Central readers are thinking of trying to clear some space before Christmas and have clothes, clean and safe toys, books, coats, jackets, nursery and baby equipment or maternity wear they would like to sell, we are opening up our 'sale by ticket' system to non-playgroup members.

Each seller needs to buy a sheet of tickets, which costs £2.50 for 20; you then fill in the tickets and securely attach one to each item.  In addition to the £2.50 cost of the tickets, the Playgroup will keep 20% of the amount of takings over £30 for each seller. So, if you sell £28 worth of items, you take home £28.  If you sell £38 worth of items, you'll be paid £36.40 - we will take 20% of £8, (that is the amount over £30). All this money goes to the running of the playgroup.

For full information and details of how to get hold of tickets, please email:

Parents can drop off the items the day before at the Wednesday playgroup session. Parking is available at the Church and if you don't have anything to sell, want to buy or simply haven't been before, why not try the playgroup and bring your kids along?

We are always keen to see new families and carers bring their children along to the Wednesday or Thursday sessions - or both! It's a relaxed, friendly atmosphere with plenty of dads as well as mums; we start at 10am and have free tea and coffee, with singing and fruit for the children. It's very hands on with helpers making tea, arranging craft activities and tidying up at the end of the session.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, that's tomorrow at 9.30am then. I would have been interested but can't organise myself at such short notice. Please try harder next time ;-)

js said...

Exactly- this is far too late to be useful.

Brockley Nick said...

You're welcome.

Tamsin said...

Well, too late to organise donating and selling, but still in time for toddling along to buy - given how unstructured life can become with a pre-school child.

Useful information about the regular playgroup too.

Anonymous said...

Christ, it only means putting some clothes on and leaving the house - or is that too stressful?

Tamsin said...

That's only half of it. The other half entails getting price tickets from the organises, sorting out your children's outgrown stuff, washing it, taking it back from them explaining that it may be a favourite jumper but it really is too small now, darling, let's give it away for someone else to enjoy..., pricing, finding enough safety pins, finding bags, finding the stuff again, and taking it down to St. John's in advance.

Not enough notice for that side of things - but, agree, enough for people to go and buy.

local yokel said...

wonderful toddler group
with a lovely big hall for the kids and friendly faces... I do miss it. But nice to see it mentioned on the BC

js said...

as 90% of the original information in the post is related to selling stuff, I think it's reasonable to mention it's too late in the day to wash and sort unwanted clothes.
this sounds like a great idea, but in future a few days' notice would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I went along but came away extremely disappointed. Despite the headline billing, nobody was actually selling either nearly new babies or toddlers.

In fact most of the mothers seemed to be hanging on to their babies. Why bring them to a sale and then refuse to hand them over?

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