Scales tip in Brockley's favour

There are 275,000 professional accountants in the UK, making it one of the country's biggest industries. Lewisham Council wants to attract more small professional services firms to the borough, as a way to create more local private sector employment. So what more positive indicator could there be for Brockley than the lights being turned on in Libra Associates Accountants and Tax Consultants in Brockley Cross?

The business has been dormant since before Brockley Central was born and we thought it permanently abandoned, one of many limbo shops in the area. Not sure if it's actually open for business, but the fact that there was life in there is so extraordinary that BC reader Nick was moved to send us this photo of the great event:


Anonymous said...

I've seen people in there before.

In other news did anyone see/hear the guy at the station last night screaming 'Brockley is full of ponces'? A disguntled BCer perhaps?

Anonymous said...

My God, check out that sign! Dreadful.

Thomas Hardy said...

And a print shop has opened opposite Jude Court and the 'Haynes Park' Nisa.

Glimmers of hope in a miserable economic year.

Anonymous said...

A print shop? How quaint.

The Cat Man said...

There's also a new estate agent and architect firm occupying the premises next to the orchard... Brockleys economy is booming!

Anonymous said...

The number of professional accountants you quote comes from the Financial Reporting Council, the oversight body for the profession. However I am not at all sure that Libra Associates is registered with any of the chartered professional bodies that the FRC oversees. They don't seem to call themselves chartered accountants or certified accountants: just bookkeepers.

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