Telegraph Hill Ward Assembly, January 24th

7pm-9pm - Barnes Wallis Community Centre, 74 Wild Goose Drive, SE14 5LL

Key items on the agenda this time (thanks to Tamsin for the info):

1. Transport for London - Kender Triangle Traffic Scheme (with TfL and the Lewisham Transport team to report on the impact on traffic flow and bus journeys and answer questions)
2. Housing Allocations consultation - looking at the new government Bill with major changes in the way the housing list works and how homeless people are helped.
3. Skate area update - how work is progressing.


patrick1971 said...

Interesting on item 1. As a bus user I've not really seen any impact either way on traffic flow, either positive or negative. Maybe slightly positive going eastbounds, you do get to New Cross Gate that bit more quickly!

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