Forest Hill's Canvas & Cream to launch with pop-up cinema

Canvas & Cream, the new Forest Hill cafe-cum-gallery (which will also cater for all your Shamanic healing needs), has its opening weekend on the 17th-19th of February and will be showing a film called Garbage Warrior in partnership with south east London pop-up cinema thelittlegreenscreen.

Director Oliver Hodge will present his film - which won the audience award at the Vancouver International Film Festival - about eco-architect Michael Reynolds and his dream of changing the world with off-grid self-sufficient housing.

Canvas & Cream is hosting a pre-film dinner in their restaurant at 6:00pm with a set menu of two courses. The event is £30.00 (including the film). Tickets can be purchased from their website,

The rest of the opening weekend programme, can be seen here.


Anonymous said...

How much a ticket?? They do seem to want to start as they mean to go on....expensive! Their gallery hire is ridiculous too - something like £400 a week...and they were wanting donations of furniture to put in it...I'm all for supporting local business...but at a reasonable cost...

Anonymous said...

This Sunday 5 Feb the Hither Green Hall Cinema will be showing a double bill for your enjoyment. Strictly Ballroom (PG) and Amelie (15).

There will be a bar open from 6pm for beer, wine, tea and cake.

Tickets will be £5 for the two films.

Amelie will be starting about 8.15-8.30.

Venue: St Swithun's Hall, St Swithun's Road, off Hither Green Lane, SE13 6RW

Tamsin said...

But better than setting their charges too low and failing. And maybe they are not aiming to be a local business but are marketing at a Londond-wide clientele who can afford those prices.

Anonymous said...

Yeh but their website goes on about wanting to make a local community space...I think lower prices to get the locals behind them to start with would help...I don't think the great and good of greater London are going to be too interested in them yet...they need to build something up to make it worthwhile coming...why would an artist who could afford 400 a week want to show their art in a gallery where the locals couldn't afford that and maybe not be in the market for expensive art...I am prepared to eat my words and hope I do but it isn't screaming community at those prices.

Anonymous said...

If you go to an odeon you pay 9 to 10 pounds plus popcorn and coke or ice cream, 20quid roughly.
With thier event you get a two course meal, an audience with the director of the film and a nice space to view the film.
As for price of the gallery, I think that's a reasonable cost considering they must have to pay rent and business rates to boot!
I think its a comendable project and judging by their website and the artical in the south london press their a local family trying to make somthing special. They deserve local support in these times of tesco,sainsburys and other large companies stamping out local traders!

Penelope Else said...

Dear Anonymous No 1

I think you're misunderstanding their vision, and don't realise how incredibly hard they have worked to make this happen - or how much money it takes to make it happen. This isn't 'community' as in heavily-funded, cheap, a bit crap. It's community as in 'we're local, we've done it ourselves with some help from local people, we're developing ways to include and encourage everyone, we're bringing something rather special to a tired-out shopping area'.

Not many locals will need to hire the gallery on their own - it would be far too big - but people may hire the project space for workshops at a perfectly reasonable rate, and the artists studios are at average rates.

The £6 film ticket is because they have to pay a licence to show the film, and it's a small-group showing - I think they'll be lucky to make a profit at that price. The rest is for a meal. It seems a good deal to me and I'm very much looking forward to it.

Go to the launch weekend, get a coffee, talk to Joanna and Emily, find out their vision for the next year or two, then decide whether these incredibly determined and capable women are worth supporting in their enterprise.

Anonymous said...

I think it looks and sounds like a great idea. I've look at the web site and seen the venue and am glad locals are opening up brockley and taking it (brockley) forward.

thelittlegreenscreen said...

some additional information:

thelittlegreenscreen has a limited number of cinema only tickets for £6.50. visit for tickets and further details about the film and director Oliver Hodge, who will be joining us for the evening.

Garbage Warrior is the inspirational story of eco-architect Michael Reynolds and his dream of changing the world with off-grid self-sufficient housing. Along the way, he and his team travel to communities devastated by tsunamis and hurricanes and lend their pioneering skills to help people rebuild their lives from the rubbish.

Garbage Warrior is the first of nine planned popup cinema events that thelittlegreenscreen will be running in its first year; other films include H2Oil, The Yes Men Fix the World and A Small Act.

Join us and support the development of a community cinema right here in Forest Hill!

Anonymous said...

I don't suggest for one minute that community means a bit crap...or that I think that is what they are suggesting. They say community in a way that to me suggests they want to get the local community involved.

I don't say that going to the Odeon is cheap either.

But...a fairly niche film and no menu given....I thought that £30 was a bit steep...

The artists studios are also expensive compared to other bigger units not far away (I have rented one until recently). If the space is too big then is it really a feasible space to offer as a gallery for hire?

I have no doubt that the family behind it are great capable etc etc but those prices put me off no matter how much I want to support them in that way. I will definitely go sample a coffee and look forward to it but can't help thinking there are too many things trying to happen to pay for the expensive rent and rates and that the whole thing seems a bit, art gallery, shamanic I said before I really want it to work but don't think my comments are unreasonable.

Anonymous said...

Hmm - Penelope - you appear to be the webmaster for Canvas and Cream. Might have been worth mentioning that! Showing support for pals is great but don't make me feel like I'm some sort of idiot for questioning someone's prices (not their vision btw) when you're clearly well involved.

Yaz said...

Hi, I think the events they're doing like using the therapy room for treatments, having the gallery area open for spaces to take place in courses (such as the jewellery making one in interested in), not to mention the pop up cinemas, cafe restaurant and free access to their gallery will mean they are charging a reasonable price for a space for art. It's really clever because if you rent a space your guaranteed a lot of attention be it intentional or not. This place is trying to make a huge stand and generate all the right press and arty people so personally I think it's a good investment.

Anonymous said...

The majority of feedback I have seen so far echoes my own unfortunately. Nice place but too pricey.

Yaz said...

Really? Can I ask where youve seen this feedback please because I checked it out on the Internet and the feedback I found was on view London, a local site and another few random ones. Other than the above Ive seen one other comment that had mentioned the food portions. I always check places out before I decide where to go so I'm interested on these sites you're referring to ?

Yaz said...

Sorry, meant to say that I've only seen one comment that sounded slightly negative other than the above. If could advise me to the names of some other feedback sites that would be brill thanks :) also any cool bars around?

Anonymous said...

You seem to know quite a lot about it already! There are plenty of bars to choose from in Forest Hill...a quick google will bring them all up.

Anonymous said...

Canvas & Cream feature in the Times Online today I think.

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