Goldsmiths seeks local Council members

Goldsmiths is currently inviting (external) individuals to apply to become members of the Council, which is its governing body:

Candidates should have a strong interest in education and in the range of creative, artistic and social fields which are a focus of Goldsmiths' work.

The College seeks a variety of qualities in its external Council members, including involvement in a profession or industry relevant to Goldsmiths graduates; business, financial, legal, fundraising or management expertise; as well as contributions to community life in South East London.

Council has also decided in principle that it should also include one or two members of the academic staff of other universities (or other University of London Colleges). The positions start on September 1st, 2013.

The deadline for applications is September 18th, 2012.


THNick said...

1/2 a day this has been up and no comments. No one asking if they serve mung beans at meetings, no one from BDS talking about Councillors' members, no one complaining that Goldsmiths doesn't offer Good Honest Fine Arts degrees like you used to get round here.

Hyperlocal blogging has been killed by the Olympics....

Anonymous said...

I can't find out the salary range - am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

Expenses and subsistence only...

Anonymous said...

You get paid nothing, have a lot of responsibility and suffer a lot of criticism. And probably, despite insurance, some risk if somebody decides that they don't like what you have done.

On the plus side you could get some kudos and social standing plus satisfaction that you are helping education in the UK.

Once upon a time, the plus side outweighed the negatives. With the sad climate of day, that is by no means certain now.

Moi said...

Sell it to me, why don't you.

Tamsin said...

You can make friends and influence people without resorting to cake in the rain, feel the satisfaction of contributing your time to a local amenity and your skills to a social use, you make something function that otherwise would not.

It is surely a good thing that schools and bodies like Goldsmiths, charities, professional bodies etc. have the ultimate responsibility with people who are not civil servants, government appointees or salaried officials. They bring independence, disinterested scrutiny and such a variety of different agendas or axes to grind that they cancel each other out and generally work to "the greater good".

So think about it - more worthwhile than sitting with your feet up in front of the telly, or even going to the gym or socialising.

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