The Ladywell Fields Summer Festival, August 19th

Justin writes:

The festival will be a great day of family fun in the park and a time for our community to come together and have a day relaxing and getting to meet each other in a fun and safe environment. There will be good food, games and crafts for the kids, health checks and advice, music and local talent on show. It is being organised by the Lewisham Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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Brockley Dogging Society said...

Excellent. We'll certainly be bringing our wives along for the health checks!

abdou said...

"It is being organised by the Lewisham Seventh-day Adventist Church."

Does that mean a maximum attendance of 144,000?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, a disguised religious event.

Sue said...

At the risk of being a grumpy old so and so, I hope they don't have the sound system as loud as they did last year - I could hear all too clearly from my back garden in Adelaide Ave.

Anonymous said...

Let's go along with "Believe in the Spaghetti Monster" posters and t-shirts.

kolp said...

Good to see another community event. It's great to have so many motivated groups in our locale who get things done & do things.
Hope it goes well and is enjoyable for all.

Anonymous said...

So many negative responses?! Miaerable people!!! Looking foward to today... Bringing my children to enjoy the food, fun, sunshine & noise. :)

Tamsin said...

I go along with that - let's be positive.

But I question the belief among most organisers that noise at the levels usually encountered at such events is condusive to maximum enjoyment for a majority of people. Possibly it is for those who attend and fill in feedback forms. The majority who don't like it or can't endure it simply don't attend and so are increasingly done out of any chance to enjoy the food, fun and sunshine on offer because of - it has to be said - rather arrogant assumptions on the part of those who produce the noise.

At the New Cross Learning Street Party the only really enjoyable bits when one could talk to ones neighbours and the new peole one could meet was in the intevals between the music acts. As mentioned in a post on the relevant thread at the time - the sound was turned up so loud that it impacted on the play-reading that was going in inside the church, through closed doors 50+ yards away.

Tamsin said...

Sorry - grammar went a bit to pot on the penultimate sentence of that last item. Should re-read after editing and before posting!

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