Telegraph Hill Festival 2013 - Final Weekend

This is the last weekend of the Telegraph Hill Festival.

Tonight, at the Hill Station, Cinetopia will host a movie- the pub quiz and add a touch of mystery, tomorrow a range of activities throughout the day includes a wobbly chair repair workshop at the Telegraph Hill Center and on Sunday the action moves to the lower park - local production company Trinity Music London and recording studio Unit 137 say:

"We will be bringing the Unit 137 Sound System to the Hill with some authentic sound system vibrations. Expect live PAs, big bass, and a tasty rum-BQ, rum cocktails and great Creole food from the grill."

For full details, click here.


ianerc said...

And Let's not forget the sort-of medieval passion play at St Catherine's from 5pm on Sunday

"This time it's The Bluebirds Present The Passion - sadness and hilarity in one neat package. Expect classical cabaret, live animals and mobile theatre!"

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