South East London's Crossrail future under threat

London Reconnections has an analysis of the Woolwich Crossrail station's chances of survival. They aren't good.

There have been frequent rumours of cutbacks to Crossrail, possibly to the Abbey Wood spur, and Woolwich's station was only added after furious lobbying and a promise of private funding from Berkeley Homes, which is now in doubt. The Transport Secretary made it very clear that public money will not fill the gap. Read on.

Brockley's key Crossrail access point will be at Whitechapel on the East London Line, far upstream of Woolwich, and whatever happens to the project, it seems certain to serve Canary Wharf, which will allow further expansion of the business hub, bringing more jobs east. So we're alright thanks very much, but it could be a big blow for the development of South East London, which could lose out on yet another river crossing.