Lewisham report sets out Bakerloo Line options

Undeterred by the failure of its campaign to secure an ELL station at Surrey Canal, Lewisham Council has commissioned a report in to the options available for extending the Bakerloo line further in to South East London.

London Reconnections has the story in full detail. The options explored could take the line east along the Old Kent Road (and on to places like Canada Water, New Cross, Lewisham, Greenwich, Catford, Hither Green, Blackheath, Honor Oak, Charlton and Canary Wharf) or south towards Peckham and Camberwell. Obviously, the Old Kent Road options would create significant benefits for the borough, potentially turning Canada Water, New Cross and Lewisham in to major transport interchanges.

Interestingly, the report suggests that the ELL is a model for future extensions of London's mass transit systems:

The sooner a tube can surface and use an overground alignment, the better, but this is rarely the case in inner London. One of the main reasons why the East London Line Extensions were authorised and are now happening, is because they make the fullest use of existing
railway infrastructure, and any new alignment is on the surface or on viaduct. There are also different environmental benefits and costs with tube or surface railway, which will need to be assessed and managed.

We're not sure whether to praise Lewisham for its ambition and far-sighted approach to securing public transport infrastructure or damn their eyes for commissioning reports on subjects that are ultimately beyond their control and unlikely to materialise for many, many years, even in the most optimistic scenario. Still, it makes interesting reading.

With thanks to BC's Australia correspondent, Richard, for prodding us about the story.