Crossrail will come to Woolwich

Good news for South East London. London Reconnections reports that the Crossrail project will include capacity for station at Woolwich. The project had been in some doubt, due to protracted funding negotiations, but a statement from the Secretary of State for Transport today confirmed that a "box" will be built at Woolwich.

However, the station fit-out will be dependent on further private sector funding. Given the large-scale residential developments planned in the area, it seems likely that the developers will agree to contribute.

The statement says:

In due course, fit-out of the Woolwich Station Box would be required to bring it to operational status. Government is clear that, in line with the 2007 agreement, no additional public sector contribution can be made available to fund the fit-out of the Station Box. Instead, the fit-out is conditional on receiving sufficient funding contributions from developers and businesses operating in the area. Berkeley Homes has an obligation to enter into discussions with Department for Transport, Transport for London, Crossrail Ltd and Greenwich Council, in order to provide for the subsequent fitting-out of the Station Box. All parties, including Berkeley Homes, have made clear that they understand and support this position.