Inner loop London Bridge to Victoria service to be lost in 2012

TfL has confirmed that a ‘box’ will be built at Surrey Canal, in anticipation that funding will be found eventually to build a station there. The box will make a station relatively quick and cheap to build. The Clapham Junction extension is on track to be completed in 2012. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that TfL has confirmed that the London Bridge to Victoria service via Queens Road Peckham will be cancelled in 2012 as work begins on the redevelopment of London Bridge station. It’s hard to get to the bottom of what other services will be lost to South East London.

Even the godlike London Reconnections blog is struggling to make sense of what is happening to rail services in the South East. Of the London Bridge rebuild, they say:

Work will start in 2013. From the December 2012 timetable the number of terminating platforms will be reduced from nine to six and the number of terminating trains per hour will accordingly be reduced from 30 to 24. It could have been worse. The number of platforms is reduced by a third but the train service is only reduced by a fifth. Through trains will not initially be affected. It is well known that two trains per hours lost will be the lightly loaded London Bridge -Victoria via Peckham Rye service which will partially compensated for by the introduction of London Overground services to Clapham Junction at the same time.

It is not currently known which other services will need to be cut. One only hopes that this service does continue until December 2012 and is not discontinued from May 2012 as originally planned, when it was presumed that phase 2 of the East London Line Extension would be opened by then. The supplied leaflets talk about putting more carriages on the remaining trains to mitigate the problem, but whereas overall this may not lead to much loss of capacity it is clear that some selected routes, as yet unknown, are going to suffer.

Of the Rail Utilisation Strategy for South East London, London Reconnections adds:

So it seems that the strategy to address capacity issues for this part of London's rail service is to lengthen the trains to 12 carriages then wait and see what the effect of Crossrail and Thameslink are and then look again at the situation. This is not ideal but given what is going to happen and how much is not currently known it does seem to be the only sensible way forward.

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Anonymous said...

The London Bridge - Victoria train that stops at Brockley is not the Peckham Rye train (This has confused me before). Does this mean both the Peckham and Crystal palace loops trains will be stopped?

Why do TFL have such a problem with people going across South London? It's so difficult to get to Brixton / Clapham it's ridiculous.

I used to get the Victoria/Crystal Palace train in the morning and I can assure you it was as packed as any other commuter train.


Kate said...

The London bridge to Victoria loop train via Brockley and Crystal Palace is ALWAYS busy - makes no sense to get rid of it. Will make it v difficult for me to get to work when it goes.

Brockley Nick said...

Sorry for the confusion, this story relates to the inner loop, as anon says, rather than the Brockley service. Article updated.

Tressilliana said...

So, just to be crystal clear about this, the line that is to be axed is this one, which doesn't stop at Brockley:

London Victoria, Battersea Park, Wandsworth Road, Clapham High Street, Denmark Hill, Peckham Rye, Queens Road Peckham, South Bermondsey, London Bridge

and not this one, which does:

London Victoria, Battersea Park, Clapham Junction, Wandsworth Common, Balham, Streatham Hill, West Norwood, Gipsy Hill, Crystal Palace, Sydenham, Forest Hill, Honor Oak Park, Brockley, New Cross Gate, London Bridge

If so, this isn't a Brockley issue but will be a massive annoyance to people who travel to Denmark Hill via Victoria or London Bridge to get to one of the big hospitals there.

Matt-Z said...

It's the inner South London Line. The outer loop is staying, though TfL did have aspirations to take that over as part of the Overground, but there are competition issues with them terminating services in London Bridge or Victoria.

As mentioned the inner SLL will be partly replaced by the ELL Phase 2. No replacement has yet been identified for the Victoria service, but there's a chance of a Victoria to Bellingham to Bromley South service, which would be great for Brockley (stopping at Crofton Park, if someone is prepared to fund it.

Crofton Park Ranger said...

I reckon some Crofton Park Station users will change at Peckham Rye for Victoria/London Bridge.

Not the end of the world as London bridge and Victoria connections are of course available from Honor Oak Park which is only 10 mins walk from CP...

Just thinking out loud...

Rufus said...

Anyone else go dogging after the street party yesterday?

SamB said...

There's also the route from Lewisham to Victoria, which also stops at Nunhead, Peckham Rye and Denmark Hill, which takes some of the pressure off it.

Crofton Cath said...

Actually this is quite bad because quite a few commuters in Crofton Park use this daily to travel from Denmark Hill to Victoria.

So it's a bit of a blow to be honest.

The HOP service you mention to Victoria is very slow and takes over 40mins.

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