Lewisham floods as Ravensbourne bursts its banks

Heavy rain has caused flooding at Lewisham roundabout today. Lewisham's river system is being jiggered about as part of the Gateway development and the waters of the Ravensbourne have burst their banks, causing chaos on the roads.

Thanks to Fred, who reckons this hasn't happened since 1968, for the video from Loampit Vale.

The future of the Catford Bridge Tavern

Luke points us to an update from the new owners of the Catford Bridge Tavern pub, which had its squatters removed earlier this year, clearing the way for its reopening. The Solitaire team writes:

"Solitaire is a small, independent pub company with a tradition of revitalising important local pubs across the London area; it has ambitious plans for the Catford Bridge Tavern and is determined to re-establish the pub within the local community.

"Our plans include a bespoke bar in the centre of the pub welcoming customers as they arrive, a restaurant and a heated outdoor roof terrace to the rear. As well as restoring the pub, the company plan to sympathetically refurbish the residential area into a combination of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom flats. Solitaire has taken great care to ensure that the residential refurbishment does not affect the external appearance of this fine building.

"A planning application determining the future of the building will be presented to Lewisham Council by December 2014. To date, feedback from the planners to the proposals has been extremely positive. If the planning application is successful, building work will start in 2015. We are planning an open evening to discuss our proposals on Wednesday 3rd December 2014."

Aladdin - December 5th-7th

The cast rehearses
Sanjit writes:

The last four years have seen some great community generated fundraisers.   Of these few have been as consistently entertaining as the Telegraph Hill Panto. This year's Panto, Aladdin, will be the fifth such entertainment.  

Will Aladdin feature risqué double entendre?   Check.   Will Aladdin feature a man in drag?   Check.  Will Aladdin feature a principal boy?   Check, in the form of Aladdin's brother Wisheewashee.   Will there be a petulant Princess who succumbs to the charms of the hero? Check. Oh, and will there be flashes, pops, flatulent noises off and laughs aplenty? Check, check, check and check.

Aladdin is a production that will have something suitable for all the family. With a third of tickets already sold, now is the time to make sure you get yours - www.ticketsource.co.uk/thc

The People's Kitchen - November 27th

The Our New Cross team writes:

Our New Cross is a forum for everybody who lives, works and studies in New Cross. We aim to protect and improve our area through projects, events and developing a Neighbourhood Plan.

The People's Kitchen is a neighbourhood forum with a difference. It's a chance to meet other people in the community informally and sociably to share your stories, experiences, hopes and concerns about the way New Cross is now and how it is changing.

We're cooking and offering a free communal meal plus asking questions like "does New Cross need a market?", "what would you do with an empty plot?" and "how could a Neighbourhood Plan help achieve our aims?". The event is free and all are welcome. Starts at 7.30pm or 5pm if you want to cook.

Midtown matters

Two glum midtown buildings are in the middle of a makeover.

St Cyprian's is being turned into a block of flats with a ground floor restaurant and the scaffolding is creeping up (thanks to Fintan for the photo):

Esso's being turned into a slightly nicer Esso:

Filipino Pop Up - November 22nd

To the growing list of local pop-up cuisines can now be added Filipino food. The Adobros team are hosting a Filipino night at New Cross cafe No 178. They say:

If you've ever wondered what Filipino food is - or if you already know the answer - then this is the moment you've been waiting for: on Saturday 22nd November, New Cross' very own Filipino Supper Club, The Adobros, is bringing a taste of the Philippines to your taste buds and your bellies, courtesy of the good folk at No178.

Combining Southeast Asian, Chinese and Hispanic elements into a compellingly unique whole, Filipino cuisine is fascinating and, above all, delicious! And, in case you were feeling just a bit more curious about it after all that, do check out our little explanation of what Filipino food is all about.

Click here for tickets and the menu.

The Arthouse Winter Fair, December 13th

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