Window 135

Window135 is an art installation that sits on a most unprepossessing stretch of New Cross Road (Number 135, just down the road from The Five Bells). Each week for the last decade, the window has been updated with a new work.

Behind the window lies an artistic Batcave, home to two artists, who explain their motivation here:

"It started tentatively as a method of putting ‘distance’ between the New Cross Rd and the family living room. Formerly a shop our house was one of the two greengrocers made redundant when Sainsbury’s opened a vast supermarket nearby in the 1990’s.

"In 1996 the shop had no shopfront, the grocers had served market style with a mahogany table pulled out onto the pavement. The new ‘shopfront’ was designed to meet local conservation area rules, to look like a shop although its derelict interior meant it could no longer function as one; it reverted to “residential purposes only”.

"The New Cross Road is the arterial route from London to Kent. The volume of passing traffic is disruptive to live with but presents a continuous and diverse audience. The council agreed to “de minimus”; a shallow space to a maximum depth of 1 metre and ‘by appointment only’."

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CPZ creep planned for Ladywell and Lewisham

As dawn broke, the Worm uncoiled its snaky twine from around the hill, and came to its rock in the river... it lashed the waters in its fury and wound its coils round the Childe, and then attempted to crush him to death. But the more it pressed, the deeper dug the spear-heads into its sides. Still it pressed and pressed, till all the water around was crimsoned with its blood.
- The Lambton Worm

The Ladywell Society has unearthed the NOC List and knows which local roads will be subject to a consultation about the extension of the Ladywell CPZ, which has caused plenty of problems since it was first introduced.

The idea is to expand the CPZ, to relieve the pressure points that the original zone created in the first place. We don't know why they swallowed the fly... something about someone being unable to park outside their house and struggling with shopping bags kicked this whole saga off.

Here's the list of roads that could find themselves with a CPZ - it will create a single zone between Lewisham and Ladywell:

  • Arthurdon 
  • France Mary 
  • Phoebeth 
  • Ladywell 
  • Eastern 
  • Algiers 
  • Veda 
  • Vicars Hill 
  • Cliffview 
  • Fossil 
  • Ermine 
  • Brookbank 
  • Overcliff 
  • Shell
Local resident Dougie, who forwarded the list, writes:

"When I was consulted on the local CPZ in my area I was against it as I knew it would just push the problem further up the road which is now happening. The sad thing is is that Lewisham council will not consider a cheaper option for any resident such as a 2 hour restricted parking to stop commuters because it is not cost effective. The consultation is coming in September 2014. Where will the expansion end?!"

Olly's Turkish Gourmet night

Previously, at the Turkish Gourmet
Olly, is part of the Meze Mangal family and will be running a pop-up down the road at the Lewisham Arthouse. He writes:

I am running a Turkish pop-up restaurant at the Lewisham Arthouse on the 28th of August 18:30 - 23:00.

I had my first pop-up at the Lewisham Arthouse during its pop-up cafe season earlier this year. It turned out to be a really lively night so we are doing it again!

There will be four dishes of classic Turkish food and refreshing Turkish beer. The menu will be inspired by my roots in Kastamonuo Kastamonu Turkey and the cuisine of the Black Sea Region - simple yet tasty dishes.

Tickets cost £22 and full details are available here.

Consultation on two new Bakerloo routes

The proposed Bakerloo extension routes
Following the revelation that a southern extension to the Bakerloo Line was included in the Mayor of London's 2050 infrastructure plan comes the news that TfL will start consulting on the possible routes shortly, with the aim of delivering the project by 2040.

The Evening Standard reports that TfL will shortly start a public consultation on the possible routes for the Bakerloo Line extension to Lewisham and Catford. Matthew Beard writes:

Proposals to build the line by 2040 at a cost of £2.6 billion have been included in the Mayor’s infrastructure plan outlining essential transport projects to be delivered by 2050.

The line, which currently runs from Harrow & Wealdstone to Elephant & Castle, would be extended via Old Kent Road and Lewisham to Hayes and Beckenham Junction. It would operate a peak service of 27 trains per hour as far as Catford Bridge, with 15 trains per hour to Hayes and 6 trains per hour to Beckenham Junction.

The Mayor believes it would relieve congestion on national rail routes into London Bridge and generate £400million in annual economic benefits.

TfL's currently-preferred route is the one that presents the most obvious regeneration benefits and addresses a public transport desert running the length of the Old Kent Road. The alternative route is less direct and travels through Peckham, Nunhead and Brockley, where there are more immediate advantages for residential communities, whose services are often overcrowded.

BC reckons that, as a relatively low-cost quick win, the next Mayor will be tempted to bump project this up the priority order, especially as they are likely to be Labour and SE London represents something of a heartland. In which case, we could see this much sooner than 2040. Admittedly, this is based on nothing at all. With thanks to Jenny for the update.

I, for one, welcome our new Talbot overlords

The Talbot pub on Tyrwhitt Road has been sold. New owner Lesley writes:

I'm the lucky new owner of The Talbot! Please do drop in to see myself or my partner Mike, if you have any questions or just want to say hello - one of us is always around.

The Talbot is a great local pub, serving fabulous food and super beer. I have some plans to make the place a little cosier and friendlier. We also have a lovely little function room (currently having a make over) that I'm happy for the Brockley community to use.

Were also having a party from 1pm on Bank Holiday Monday, 25 August 2014 - with all kinds of music, from classical to pop. We have some lovely music from Classical through to popular! Our chef will be serving up his wonderful selection of food from our new menu and we will have a great selection of craft beers.

We'll also be re-launching our website soon - you can visit it here.

The Honor Oak reopens [UPDATED]

True to their word, the team at the new-look Honor Oak pub have pulled-off an August reopening, with a launch party tonight. If you've been in, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

UPDATE: Brockley Jon writes:

I was in on Friday night. The pub has had a complete makeover. They've made more dining space downstairs, which works really well, and there is the Whisky room upstairs that could be a great spot for a large birthday party. The front garden now works so much better as they've properly enclosed it, and it seems much bigger. The staff were coping admirably as it was very busy and they're clearly still learning the ropes. A few of the ales had run out but there was Brockley on tap while it lasted!

 I'd like to see the pub get more of its own identity over time - it's full of Victoriana and faux-industrial fittings, but it needs to find its own look. I'm sure this will develop over time once it's more lived in. It's a mightily impressive reincarnation overall, and an asset to that end of town. Well done to all involved.

Biblical floods hit The Hill Station

"Every living substance that I have made will I destroy." 
- God

Somebody's been serving shellfish. God decided to knock Telegraph Hill cafe The Hill Station right off their fucking perch today as the lofty venue was subjected to "biblical" flooding and diners were hit with 3-4 inches of rainwater. This Radio Five interview with cafe worker Ruari Lea explains what happened. The Telegraph Hill Society will be offering their first born as a precaution against further plagues.


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