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Jerry: Oh my god. Wait. You know what?! No! The milk people don't have a patent on simple rhetorical questions! There's not even a single word in "Hungry for Apples?" that's shared by "Got milk?" It's a completely different slogan. It's different! And I shouldn't be fired. I should be promoted!
- Rick and Morty

Iain writes:

I know this has been discussed before on the site (not for a few years perhaps) but a friend of mine has just been notified that Virgin Media have laid cables and are now available as a choice on his street (Embleton Road, Ladywell, Greater Brockley). I live the other side of Hilly Fields on Montague Avenue and my postcode still comes up unavailable for Virgin's optical broadband package on their website.  

Virgin Media also emailed me encouraging to spread the word as they are prioritising laying cables in areas with high demand. As they are already in the area it may be sooner rather than later that the rest of Brockley has this option. I guess you may not wish to favour one provider over another on the blog but perhaps circulating this link as wider broadband choice within an area can never be a bad thing.

Here's the "Cable My Street" link.

To confirm I have no connection to virgin media or any broadband provider but do find it frustrating that as I watch far too much sport on TV sky appears to be my only viable option at present.

[Full disclosure: Virgin Media is a client of mine]

Half-price January at The Brookmill

St John's pub The Brookmill has a half-price offer during January. They say:

We are currently offering 50% off all food (exc the bar snacks) on Mon-Wed throughout January.

This is open to all members of our loyalty scheme, which is easy to join online at or by signing up while you are eating.

This is for meals eaten both drink the day or at night and there is no limit on the group size so it’s a great opportunity to sample as much or as little of the menu as you fancy.

Little Nan takes Catford

Little Nan, the local bar group, has been selected to run the bar space in Catford's Broadway Theatre, which is good news for all concerned. Time Out writes:

Little Nan's Broadway Theatre Saloon is coming to Catford, taking on the space of the Catford Broadway Theatre bar. 

Not only will the team be bringing the Little Nan's formula to the ground floor space – with cocktails in vases and spirits in cut glass – but they'll also be taking over the theatre's bar spaces too, so those in for a show can enjoy it with a leopard-print mug of cocktail in hand.

Thanks to Peter for the link.

Lewisham seeks Partnerz in Kryme for Ladywell Playtower

You think you know a place... The Ladywell Playtower is now being marketed, to help the Council find a suitable partner to redevelop it. The site includes some stunning interior shots of the building, which looks like the Foot Clan Hideout. Lewisham Council says:

This grade II listed building represents a fantastic opportunity to revive the character and significance of these historic public baths, and strengthen the character of the St Mary’s Conservation Area. Having been out of use for more than a decade this once important community facility now has an opportunity to serve the needs of the local area.

The site offers close proximity to Ladywell’s bustling village centre and well connected transport links, surrounded by rejuvenated public and open spaces. Nearby Lewisham centre is experiencing rapid change and investment, whilst Catford centre is earmarked for major regeneration works.

The double storey property originally comprised first and second class pool halls located at the front right and rear of the site, with adjoining two storey administration space, slipper baths and function rooms. The rear pool hall was badly damaged in a fire in 2005 but remains standing, and there is space for some car parking on site.

Ladywell Playtower sits adjacent to Ladywell Coroner’s Court and Mortuary, both of which are Grade II listed and have been identified by the Council for future development.

The Council will consider proposals from developers, investors, occupiers and consortia to bring the building back into viable use, subject to the necessary consents and requirements.

Click here for details.

Thank you to Paul and Robert for the link.

Spanish Particular at the Brockley Mess

Dioni and Jose write:

From 19th to 28th of January every Thursday, Friday & Saturday (5pm till 10pm) Spanish Particular will be at The Brockley Mess (325 Brockley Road) with tradicional and homemade tapas! Amazing & new selection of Spanish wines!

Warm atmosphere, travel to Spain without leaving Brockley! No pretensions, just Real Spanish Food!

Little business run by Dioni & Jose, a Spanish couple with the desire to share their culture and passion for food with all the neighbours of Brockley and surrounding areas.

Bookings highly recommended!

Coming soon: Winemakers Deptford

The Winemakers Club in Farringdon will serve as a model
New wine bar and restaurant from the team behind the Winemakers Club in Farringdon, opens later this month, replacing Hungry Boy on Deptford High Street. The Drinks Business reports:

Winemakers Deptford is set to open at the end of this month and will comprise a bar and restaurant, as well as a small section of wines for retail.

The company has been importing and selling wine since 1999 and specialises in smaller, niche and up-and-coming producers, as well as organic and biodynamic wines. It supplies a number of bistros, cafes, small restaurants and gastro-pubs in and around London, along with a handful of restaurants in the North of England and Brighton.

Stockists including Fera at Claridges Hotel, Antidote, Stockwell’s the Canton Arms, Great Queen Street, and The 10 Cases.

In 2014 the Winemakers Club opened its first ‘wine pub’ and retail outlet in the City of London under Holborn Viaduct, and the new outlet will be in line with the Farringdon site.

Deptford High Street has the potential to be the new Columbia Road, on a grander scale, with a more diverse mix and better connections. This is a big step forward.

Thank you to Sophie for the link. Follow Winemakers Deptford on Twitter here.


Local designer Prints Harry has created this set of Brockmojis. For years, Gen Z has had to watch Gen X parade around with their Brockley shoulder bags like they own the place, but this is their time now.

It's missing a Brockley Central icon and we've got a subliminal ad for the Caliphate, rather than Meze Mangal, but it's a joyful cross-section of Brockley life.

You can buy a print here for £10.

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