Especially the ones who buy overpriced cereal!

Bahar Mustafa, a 28-year-old student diversity officer at Goldsmiths, has been charged by police with sending a threatening communication and is set to appear at Bromley magistrates court on 5 November.

Mustafa gained notoriety for using the hashtag #killallwhitemen on her Twitter account and was accused of racism for asking white men not to attend a students’ union meeting intended for ethnic minority women and “non-binary” attendees. She is an employee of the independent students’ union, elected by union members.

EastLondonLines reports:

Bahar Mustafa, the Goldsmiths’ Student Union Welfare and Diversity Officer, has been charged with sending a threatening and offensive communication.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said: “A woman interviewed under caution regarding a complaint of racially motivated malicious communication made on a social media network has been summonsed to court.”

One of the charges is for sending a communication conveying a threatening message between November 10 2014 and May 31 2015. The second charge is for sending an offensive message via public communication between the same previous time period.

Mustafa has previously offered the following defence in response to her critics:

"I, an ethnic minority woman, cannot be racist or sexist towards white men, because racism and sexism describe structures of privilege based on race and gender.

"Therefore, women of colour and minority genders cannot be racist or sexist, since we do not stand to benefit from such a system.”

Coming soon: Noak Bakehouse & Brew

Lots of people have been getting excited by the sight of ladders and paint pots behind the shutters in the shop that used to be The Broca Food Market on Mantle Road and have been asking us what's going on.

As trailed here for a few months, this is going to be a new restaurant called Noak Bakehouse & Brew and the team are now hard at work on the fit-out. They are aiming to be open within a matter of weeks and have promised a full update when work is a little more advanced.

A new restaurant in the centre of Brockley is a rare and wonderful thing.

Red State: The cost of Lewisham's one-party dictatorship

Claire Temple: Ok, but what does that look like? Like what do you actually see?
Matt Murdock: A world on fire.
- Daredevil
World on Fire: One-party Councils tend to be more at risk of corruption
A report commissioned by the Electoral Reform Society has found that "one-party Councils" are 50% more at risk of corruption than politically competitive ones and that the national cost of the procurement inefficiency these Councils breed could amount to £2.6 billion.

They don't come any more uncompetitive than Lewisham, which currently has only one non-Labour councillor and which has given Labour every year since 1971 (other than in 2006, when Labour was the biggest party but didn't have overall control).

Lewisham residents of all political hues have been worried for some time about the lack of proper accountability that Lewisham's unbalanced political map produces. The ERS are not saying anything, they're just saying...

The research, by University of Cambridge academic Mihály Fazekas for the ERS, examines over 132,000 public procurement contracts between 2009 and 2013 to identify ‘red flags’ for corruption, such as where only a single bid is submitted or there is a shortened length of time between advertising the bid and the submission deadline. These are brought together in a Corruption Risk Index to give a measure of councils’ risk of corruption in public procurement.

Further evidence of the link between weak electoral accountability and higher corruption risk is supplied by a comparison of average price savings in procurement. One-party councils typically achieve lower price savings in procurement – 2.2% compared to 6.2% achieved by competitive councils.

The Electoral Reform Society use the report to argue the case for an end to first past the post Council elections. In the meantime, Lewisham's opposition have to raise their game.

Lewisham launches new consultation on the future of our libraries

Lewisham Council has launched a consultation about further changes to the borough's library services, as part of its bid to deliver cost savings. The library service has been asked to deliver £1m of savings over the next two financial years.

In short, the Council proposes three options:

A) to sub-contract library services to a private provider
B) to reduce opening hours
C) to convert more libraries to the community-led model, which is in place at libraries like Crofton Park. The libraries in Deptford, Lewisham and Downham would be preserved as Council-led "hub" libraries, while Forest Hill, Torridon Road and Manor House libraries would become community libraries.

In BC's view, reducing opening hours is totally unacceptable if libraries are to remain a useful study resource. The groups that have kept Lewisham's "community libraries" open deserve great credit for their hard work and ingenuity, but these libraries are ersatz in comparison to the Council-led ones, getting by on meagre resources. This would be a poor option.

The consultation notes that Lewisham Council does not favour option A) because it is unlikely to deliver the scale of savings that the others promise, but for library users it is the least worst option and might deliver some service improvements.

To take part in the consultation, click here. Thank you to Sara for the link.

Solar for schools share offer launches

The SE London Community Energy Share Offer is now open, giving you the chance to invest in a £250,000 solar energy project, which aims to return 4% per annum to investors for 20 years while saving local schools money on their electricity bills. It's a canny way of cashing in on Feed In Tariffs before they are nixed, while doing good. 

The minimum stake is £250 and you can invest here.

Peace marchers and police seek solutions to Turnham Estate deaths

The mother of schoolboy Shaquan Fearon, who was killed in a knife fight on the Turnham Estate, led a peace march through the area today.

Click here to watch the BBC's report from today's march.

Meanwhile, police staged an appeal for witnesses to last week's fatal car crash outside the same estate, during which a mob threw missiles at a fleeing car.

DCI McHugh said: "Firstly I would like to hear from anyone who saw the mint green Vauxhall Corsa on the Turnham Estate prior to the collision.

"Several people rushed to help Nassem and there are some who have yet to speak with police. We know the incident was also witnessed by other passers-by and residents in the area and again, we would encourage anyone who saw anything or has any information to come forward. Please do not assume that we already have the important information that you hold.

"We are keeping an open mind about the motive for this incident. Please do the right thing and be assured we will treat all information in the strictest confidence."

Anyone who can help should contact the incident room on 020 8785 8099 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

ASC Open Studios, New Cross

Saturday 3 October 12-6pm

Another major arts community is opening itself up for the Deptford X Festival. Zeitgeist Arts Projects explains:

ASC Open Studios houses a wide range of artists making painting, drawing, sculpture, film, installation and photography. Our Open Studios event is a fantastic and rare opportunity for members of the public, artists, curators and collectors to visit our studio building, see the range of work being developed and buy works directly from the artists.

ASC Studios (Bond House, Goodwood Road) are located between New Cross Gate Station (3 mins walk) and New Cross Station (7 mins walk).

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