Patchwork Present opens

Founder Olivia Knight outside PPHQ
Patchwork Present is open. The digital start-up team have been beavering away in their Harefield Road base for months and launched their group-gifting website last week.

The site, which they describe as a hybrid of Pinterest and Kickstarter, allows people to break down big presents into constituent parts, so that rather than simply putting money into a pot, people can choose which element of the present they want to give: For example, want to contribute to your friends' honeymoon? You can choose whether to buy them their first cocktails when they arrive at their hotel, their ride from the airport or the flights themselves.

Founder Olivia Knight says:

As my nan has helpfully pointed out - “It’s not a new idea. It’s a whip-round, love” - and she’s right.

You can read more about it in Design Week.

Lauren Jackson at Room 104

The community-run art gallery at the Tea Factory may have failed, but the building's role as an art space survives in the form of Room 104, which is available for hire. The latest exhibition starts next week:

Monday 2nd September - 13th September 2013

Lauren Jackson studied BA Contemporary Art Practice at the University of Leeds and Cyprus College of Art. Her work has been displayed in Stratford upon Avon, Cyprus and Melbourne. The experiences of living, working and travelling in different. Countries has significantly developed the concepts and form of her visual work over the years.

All the artwork is available to buy, please drop in any time Mon-Fri 10am-5pm (Green Tea Architects will open up the gallery for you) More information at

Artist studios created in Brockley

Enclave, the Deptford art complex developers, are expanding into Brockley, offering artist studio space in Dragonfly Place [the current BC sponsor], Brockley's new business hub.

They say:

There will be a combination of new shared, open and private studios up to 1000 sq ft each. Each unit is on the first floor, will have a sink, windows, concrete screed floor and heating. There is on-site parking. Email to be added to the invite list for October viewings. 

It's exciting to see the live-work development come to life and attract small businesses back to the area, including some run by friends of BC, who'd previously had to look elsewhere for premises.

The Brockley Front Garden Sale, September 7th

The Brockely Society is organising a mass-participation garden sale from 11am-4pm on Saturday, September 7th - a jumble sale answer to Brockley Open Studios.

They say:

We're staging a coordinated front-garden table-top sale to end the summer.
Come and buy, from one front garden to the next, or one that's near you! Look out for balloons, ribbons, bunting at participating houses.

If you want to participate, the closing date for listing your stall on our list is Wednesday 4 September - please email with your house no. + street + postcode.

A list of addresses taking part will go on the Brockley Society website

The London Analogue Festival, September 7th-8th

The London Analogue Festival is a new event taking place across venues in Deptford. We are all invited.

The Brockley Barn for sale

Alastair spotted this Arabin Road property featured in the Standard's Unusual Homes [for sale] feature today. They say:

This unique, secluded home in the heart of Brockley was built around 1875 and was originally used as horse stables, and more recently as a car dealership. The property was granted residential status in 2000 and was transformed into one of London's most unique homes.

More pictures on Zoopla here.

Magi Decoupage

Kai sent us this timelapse video. He says: It's a Rose Dancer Mural for Magi Gifts created by local decoupage artist and former Moonbows DJ Carol Vigurs aka Nova & Lorsten.

The Brockley Jack Autumn Season

Darren from the Brockley Jack Theatre writes:

We've just announced our Autumn Season here at the Jack. There's something for everyone from Shakespeare to musical theatre, presented by Jack regular visiting theatre companies. Tickets for all shows are now on sale and we expect it to be a busy and exciting few months!

Here is the link to our online brochure.

Brockley police station stripped

Brockley police station has been closed and stripped, ready for sale. Its closure has been well-signposted and makes sense. What happens next to this building is the key question. It would be nice if it wasn't simply turned into flats.

Brockley has relatively few buildings capable of doing something other than putting a roof over people's heads and a multi-use building incorporating homes, but also offices, a restaurant, or something else entirely could work at this location.

Thanks to Jon for the picture, who also suggested it would make a great base for the Brockley Brewing Company.

Badminton returns

St Asaph's badminton is back. Vanessa writes:

We are due to start again on Thursday September 5th!

As before we will play from 8pm to 10pm at the Askes' sports hall on St Asaph Rd.  Bring rackets and shuttlecocks will be provided.  The cost will depend on how many people turn up to play but will be a maximum of £8 per person and could be as low as £5.  We are booked for each Thursday in September and will continue into October and beyond provided there is a demand.

Bunny hope

Kyle spotted this rabbit on the loose in his Brockley Road garden and wants the owners to know that, if they haven't recovered it yet, it was recently sighted in his shared garden (192-194 Brockley Road):

Fruit pickers unite

Weekly Tuesday, 1-5pm, meet at New Cross Learning, SE14 6AS 
2nd & 4th Saturday of the month, 1-5pm, meet at New Cross Learning

Grow Wild’s Pick and Preserve project aims to bring people together to harvest and preserve the seasonal glut of local fruit in local public spaces and private gardens and put it to good use!

You can get involved by joining in with picking and preserving workshops or telling us about a glut of fruit or vegetables that could be harvested.

Grow Wild’s new harvesting and pickling expert Penny (from Pickling Peckham) will lead the workshops – learn how to identify different varieties of fruit and nut trees. Pick what is ready for harvesting and then learn how to preserve the fruit – each participant taking away a sample of syrup, cordial or jam.

We can harvest people's garden gluts, picking them for their own use and taking what’s left to be preserved for the local community.

Contact Penny at Grow Wild and let us know about the fruit

Brockley Market's 2nd Birthday Celebration, September 21st

Brockley Market will be two years old on September 21st. They've launched a new website to mark the occasion and are planning a few special touches to celebrate on the day, including fluffy bun-servers Yum Bun (tried them in Greenwich and they were delicious) and some surprise events. Luardos (the Mexican street food van) will return from September 21st for autumn and winter.

Introducing The Malt and Hops

Lewisham Way pub Albertines, which has been closed for a short time, is reopening tomorrow as The Malt and Hops.

BCer Fong, who kindly sent us the news, adds that it doesn't appear to have been significantly refurbished during its closure, so we're not sure how significant the rebrand is. We'll know tomorrow.

Crofton Park air quality controls to be introduced

Following a recent consultation about the issue, Lewisham Council confirms:

On Friday 30 August, Crofton Park and its borders with Forest Hill and Perry Vale will become an Air Quality Management Area.

Following a detailed assessment it was found that air pollution in parts of this area are failing to meet the standards of air quality required by legislation. These are standards that the UK have set as a result of an EU Directive that considered the health impacts of various air pollutants.

The concerns centre mainly on Brockley Rise/Brockley Road (B218) and Honor Oak Park (B238) where the levels of Nitrogen Dioxide do not meet EU objectives. The main source of the pollutant in the area is motor vehicles but use of fuel for heating and cooking also contributes.

After consultation with residents, Lewisham Council has decided to also include the surrounding residential streets within the Air Quality Management Area as a precautionary measure, with 70 per cent of local people in support.

Lewisham Council is now in the process of preparing an action plan to improve these conditions which will be published in the next 12-18 months.

Scraping up the cow dung, yes life on the farm's so hard

Andy, who may or may not own a rooster, writes:

I have a ton of free compost sitting outside my house on Cliffview Road - the road behind the bowling green on Hilly Fields.

The compost is in a big builders bag and clearly marked - I over ordered! There's no charge, just come and collect. I'd be grateful if it went to good use, it's all for the community!

At six o'clock it's up with the cock

Zoe writes:

Am I going mad? I live in Comerford Road and over the past few weeks I have heard a cockerel crowing - has anyone else noticed this? I am sure it is not illegal to keep cockerels in london and I'm all for grow your own, fresh eggs, local produce, farmers markets, etc, etc in an urban environment. But, unlike the countryside this is a densely populated area, I'm not sure having a cockerel in your garden is fair game (or poultry for that matter).

Any info on this subject would be gratefully received as I am tired of being woken at 4am, 4.15am, 5ish, 5.30am, 6am, 6.10, 6.15, 6.23 and on and on and on. Never mind the noise pollution from Heathrow planes this cockerel is where its at!

Canada Water platform extension confirmed

TfL has confirmed that five-carriage East London Line trains will start running at the end of next year, with all doors opening at Canada Water, thanks to a platform extension at that station.

Confirming the appointment of the construction contractor, TfL says:

The first of [the five carriage] trains will run on the East London route - Highbury & Islington to New Cross, Crystal Palace, West Croydon and the South London route to Clapham Junction - by December 2014.

Works to extend platforms will take place at the following stations on the East London route: Highbury & Islington, Canonbury, Hoxton, Haggerston, Dalston Junction, Shoreditch, Shadwell, Wapping, Canada Water and Surrey Quays on the east London route, as well as Wandsworth High Street, Clapham High Street and Clapham Junction on the south London route. Work at the first of these stations is expected to begin in autumn.

The short platforms at Canada Water can't currently accommodate five carriages, meaning that without an extension, the front doors would have remained shut. These works mean that work-around won't be necessary.

With thanks to Matt on the South East London transport forum.

The Nunhead Corner Pop-Up Gallery

Our Nunhead forum does such a good job of documenting Nunhead events, that it's been a while since we've run a story about the area. However, this gallery opening seems like a good excuse - the first private view is this Friday, then the second stage opens on the 18th September. Visit their Facebook page for more details.

Meze Mangal closes for renovation

The most-protracted restaurant extension in history looks finally to be underway. Turkish restaurant Meze Mangal (Lewisham Way) has closed for renovation and will reopen in September.

The adjacent space has been cleared and prepared for Meze Mangal to expand for some time, but this closure signals the start of the work-proper. Not only will this mean more of one of the area's best and busiest restaurants, it will also help to tidy up the parade, on what could be a fine stretch of high street.

Brockley Jon reports:

"They are knocking the two units into one, and have built a brand new 5* kitchen in the basement, which means they can expand their menu, and there will also be a roof terrace out the back! It really is a huge job, I'm amazed they got this far without closing. Can't wait to see it finished."

With thanks to Richard on the Brockley forum.

Music in the Park, August 22nd

Simon writes:

I'm writing about a new music night we're running in Hilly Fields.

It's a little experiment to see how something like this will work up there.

The cafe is very small, so numbers are limited, so advice would be to turn up early-ish.

We would like to start getting some more live music going in Brockley so this is the first venture, to see how this one goes.

It's such a great spot up there for something like this.

Lovers Rock in Brockley

This week, BBC Radio 4's "Sounds Like London - 100 Years of Black Music in the Capital" focused on Lovers Rock, the female-friendly reggae sub-genre that Brockley helped shape.

Jamaican-born producer Dennis Harris set up a record label called Lover's Rock in the 1970s on Upper Brockley Road, along with John Kpiaye and Dennis Bovell, giving the genre its name in the process. The genre was controversial for being too subtle and superficially happy for those who thought reggae should wear its pain and suffering like a badge of credibility. Lovers Rock's influence has endured thanks to artists like Maxi Priest and Lily Allen.

You can listen to the programme, for a limited time, here. With thanks to Thomas on the Brockley forum.

Telegraph Hill kids' theatre workshop

The Beehive present a Creative Theatre Workshop for 5 to 8 year-olds, which will culminate in a performance of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream.

The workshop is facilitated by Abigail Kessel, Katy Robb, and Victoria Waddington (Katy is a member of St Catherine’s congregation).

It will feature contemporary dance, singing, drama, prop making and scenery painting and promises to be safe, fun, engaging and a great way to introduce children to theatre.

Monday 26th to Friday 31st August 2013, 10am to 3pm
Narthex, Telegraph Hill Centre (behind St Catherine’s Church)
£25 non-refundable deposit to reserve a place and £120 for a week of fun (limited places available).

For more details and how to book see:

Via the New Cross forum.

Where the Morlocks live

We should strive to welcome change and challenges, because they are what help us grow. Without them we grow weak like the Eloi in comfort and security. We need to constantly be challenging ourselves in order to strengthen our character and increase our intelligence.
- H.G. Wells, The Time Machine

BCer Russell has found this amazing hand-drawn map of London, London Subterranea, by Stephen Walter:

In it, Brockley is the home of the Morlocks, gradually being priced out of their caves by the Eloi and their banal boutiques. Russell says:

The only links between Brockley and Morlocks I can find are on your site, in relation to class conflict! So either there's a buried link between Wells and Brockley, or the perceived mung bean divide has become part of London folklore.

The Brockley Road fruit stall

There's a new fruit stall on Brockley Road, outside Essence of India, near the station.

The guy who runs it promises to be there every day, during the middle of the day.

We bought a punnet of white grapes for £1.50 and some peaches for £1. Both were nice.

Given the limited options at nearby Costcutter, this is a bonus.

Brockley Social Drinks this Friday

In the absence of a recent BC drinks, three residents - Jayne, Helen and Hon - have stepped up and organised a social drinks for Friday. They say:

We are three neighbours trying to get to know more people locally and thought we would see if anyone would like to join us for a drink in The Talbot, Friday 16th August, 8pm. We'll have a pink umbrella on our table so you can find us.

Brockley has many nice places to eat and drink and we plan to arrange some more nights in the future.

You can email or just turn up and join us.

Heathrow restores the Brockley peace

Heathrow Airport has today confirmed that the report it commissioned to examine the impact of its night flight trials, which have disturbed many Brockley residents' sleep over recent months, recommends that the trial "should not be taken forward in its present form". This should mean quieter nights for this part of London (although have some sympathy for the 100,000 West Londoners that the trial reportedly benefited).

The statement by Heathrow Airport specifically calls out Brockley as an area adversely affected by the trial and a reason why the report recommends that the night flight patterns should cease:

The trial, the first of its kind anywhere in the world, did though have some unforeseen consequences. Some areas, such as Brockley in South East London saw an increase in night flights. Also during the trial aircraft joined the approach paths further from touchdown in order to avoid overflying the exclusion zones. This in turn resulted in the areas between the zones being overflown more during the trial. The Helios report recommends that the trial should not be taken forward in its present form and adds that, in future, pre-trial assessments should be undertaken to predict likely outcomes to better understand the balance of likely the benefits against the unintended negative outcomes.

The fact that Brockley gets a name-check in the statement is a testament to the effectiveness of the campaign, started by Brockley resident Elise Parkin, who used these pages to good effect, collecting evidence and mobilising other residents.

England manager visits Brockley

The England football manager Roy Hodgson visited Brockley football club, HF Sports Paulista, to present them with an FA Charter Standard Community Award, which is the highest-standard of community club award in England.

Despite the fact that Brockley Nick used to work at The FA, doing PR for precisely this sort of thing, we didn't get an invite, but the News Shopper made it along and has a load of nice shots. They say:

Mr Hodgson, who was joined by FA chairman Greg Dyke along with players-turned-pundits Mark Bright and John Salako, stayed around to speak to the young players and their coaches. Football development officer Darren Smith said he had kept the visit as a surprise for the players. 

With 375 youngsters and 30 coaches, HF Sports Paulista, based at the King's College ground in Brockley Rise, was created earlier this year by merging three clubs together. It has recently launched two girls' teams. To find out more email or call 020 8690 5586.

Very few grassroots club earn community club status, so this is a great tribute to the team who run the club, who need to demonstrate quality coaching, a development pathway for young players and a commitment to fair play.

Garage sale on Wickham Mews

A rarity - some workshop space in Brockley is up for sale. It's the freehold on a Wickham Mews property. The agents say:

This freehold workshop and garages are located in the heart of the Brockley conservation area, one of South East London’s most sought after locations. The workshop itself is currently trading as a gearbox and transmission specialist. After 30 years of trading the vendor has decided to sell this fully operational garage/workshop for retirement.

Someone please do something cool with it.

Open Mic Night, August 17th

John writes:

This night will raise money for a charity called International Service who run a wide range of projects all over the world. From this September I will be working on one of their projects in Burkina Fas and I have been asked to raise £800 for the charity.

The night itself should be some good lighthearted fun and it's all for a good cause. The more creative people we get down there, the better the night will be and the more money we'll raise for the charity basically. Facebook page here.

Sassinfrassin rackinfrackin Deptford

Pheobe from pop-up dining company Sassafrass says:

We've been holding a series of New Orleans supperclubs around London and having served our grub in Hackney and on a boat in St Katherine's Dock, this month we'll be serving a delicious 4 course menu including our signature spicy, gumbo on a stunning rooftop in Deptford, complete with rapturous views of the city.

As always, we'll let our menu and some photos from the last event do the talking:


- Cajun popcorn and cocktail : Old Fashioned or Hurricane
- Charbroiled Oysters / Crab Remick
- Tomato Aranca Creole Salad
- SASSAFRAS British Seafood / Game Gumbo
- Sweet Potato Pecan Pie with Bourbon Glaze / Banana Brown Butter Tart with salted caramel sauce

Tickets to our next event can be bought here:

She Makes War at the Amersham Arms

Wednesday 14th Aug @ Amersham Arms £4 on the door.
Event details here.
Tickets available from

Tom writes:

Bright Lights is back for August, its gonna be a good'un with some seriously talented artists. First up, She Makes War.

SMW is the DIY solo project of Bristol based multi-instrumentalist, visual artist and digital polymath Laura Kidd, whose second album “Little Battles” was released in April 2012.

With support from...

Shama Rahman Band, Worry Dolls, Joe Innes and the Cavalcade and Steve Walker.

Will Brockley's buses cope with passenger growth?

The London Assembly is asking Brockley Central readers to complete this survey. They explain:

Nearly 6.5 million passengers in London travel by bus each day on 700 different routes. Will London buses be able to cope with the additional demand triggered by the capital’s rapidly rising population? As London grows by the equivalent of two full buses each day, will failure to expand the capital’s bus network mean passengers face overcrowded and unreliable services?

The London Assembly launched an in-depth investigation – reaching out to policy makers, transport experts and millions of London bus passengers – to examine whether the Mayor and Transport for London (TfL) can meet current and future demand for buses without damaging its reputation.

The London Assembly also wants to hear from passengers about how they feel about their local services. They are being are asked to fill in a short survey that will feed into the investigation.

Chair of the Transport Committee, Valerie Shawcross AM, said:

“As half of all bus journeys made in the UK each day are taken in London, it is vital we see our bus network grow from strength to strength rather than suffer damage due to neglecting the changing needs of the capital.  The growth in passengers shown over the last decade shows no signs of diminishing. TfL’s business plan does not provide for expansion of the bus network, and unless plans are secured to deal with extra passengers, London buses run the risk of entering a period of decline.

“We intend to gather the views of passengers across London for our investigation to help Assembly form strong recommendations to avoid a decline in standards across the bus network. Otherwise London’s growing reputation as a model city for buses could be under threat.”

One night in Calabria in Brockley

Andy from pop-up dining company The Black Cat Bistro writes:

I'm pleased and in no small way relieved to say that our first pop-up night in Brockley was a great success and we've enjoyed some really lovely feedback. So we're doing another.

On Friday 23rd August we are hosting 'one night in Calabria'. We'll be cooking up four courses of Neapolitan classics in Hilly Fields including homemade pasta, regional antipasti, seafood, and a good bit of chilli spice. The emphasis will again be on fish and veggie based dishes with a full menu available from next week. Reservations are being taken now and tickets will be available from the cafe from next week.

For more info and booking please text me on 07804702221 or email me via

The Ladywell Tavern (and maybe Jam Circus) will be back

Kate from The South London Press has managed to get a quote from Enterprise Inns, the owners of the Ladywell Tavern, confirming that the pub (which closed last weekend) will reopen. She writes:

A spokeswoman for Enterprise Inns said the company had received no interest from Tesco, adding: “The publican of the Ladywell Tavern has only ceased trading temporarily; minor works are being carried out on site and our aim is for the pub to resume trading as soon as possible.”

There's more evidence that the local drinking scene doesn't face The World's End, the departing team at The Catford Bridge Tavern have been talking a good game on Twitter, saying that their next move will be to reopen Crofton Park's Jam Circus.

The lampenproletariat

New lamp (left), for old 

Lamposts across the area are being ripped up and replaced with new ones as part of a 25-year PFI scheme developed by Lewisham and Croydon Councils. For the most part, the lamps, while not revolutionary, represent an improvement over their predecessors.

What do you think?

Recommended thread

We're regularly asked on Twitter to recommend some tradesperson or another, so a quick reminder that the Recommended Tradespeople thread is where to look. There are hundreds of suggestions by BC readers (who have far more exacting standards than we do), which you can read in chronological order and search for your preferred terms.

A namecheck on the thread does not imply an endorsement from Brockley Central, although having said that, we recently used the thread to find RH Services, who cleared our garden brilliantly, going beyond the call of duty. So the system works...

Click here to read and recommend.

Coulgate Street textiles recycling

Coulgate Street now has a textiles recycling bank, ideal for clothes in reasonably good condition, but also suitable for stuff that would otherwise go in the bin. On Twitter, EnviroLewisham confirms that this is a trial location and they are open to other suggestions, so post below if you have a better idea.

Summer gardening workshops with Common Growth

Carlo writes with news about free gardening workshops for kids and adults run by local group Common Growth:

First up is the kid's workshop on Wednesday 7th of August called herb spiral fun. It is suitable for children of all ages and runs from 10.30-12.00, and will involve fun learning activities, games and singing.

After that there will be an adult's workshop on Saturday 17th of August called Herbs and their uses and will run from 10.30 to 12.30. As usual this will be a mix of learning and practical activity.

The workshops are informal and fun, and it’s a great way to learn a few more gardening skills and share tips with other gardeners.

If you would like to attend any workshops, or want more information, then please text Rich on 07901 360321 or email giving the name of attendees and a contact telephone number. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. All courses are free, but we suggest a £3 voluntary donation to help cover the costs of materials.

Common Growth Community Garden, Sandbourne Road (on the corner with Jerningham Rd), SE4 2NS

Campaign to kill speed on Wickham Road

Residents in Wickham Road have launched a petition to reduce speeds along Wickham Road. The group, supported by the Brockley Society and the Green Party, are calling for new measures to calm traffic, after the resurfacing work last year made it easier for cars to travel at speed down the 20 mph road.

The campaign follows a recent crash at the junction of Wickham Road and Geoffrey Road, in which a woman had to be cut from her car. Campaigner Anthony says:

We're not asking for speed humps but for the council to seriously address the dangers & environmental effects of greater traffic with increased speed, especially over the last year - in any way appropriate.

There was a crash involving a police car & a female driver (whose car needed the roof removing to get to her.) The police told me that they both ended up in intensive care. The incident took place at the roundabout at Geoffrey Road & Wickham Road. Drivers have complained about not realising it was a junction.

Where there is a 20 mph restriction, the street layout must by law be able to enforce it. This is not happening & we are recommending the council implement measures, whatever are best, to reduce traffic speed.

Persian BBQ Pop-Up

Peckham's Persepolis is staging another Telegraph Hill event. They say:

Well we must have behaved ourselves at last month's pop-up at the Hill Station as they've gone and asked us back. And we couldn't be more chuffed: the place has a lovely vibe  and the denizens of Telegraph Hill are a jolly bunch too.

So on the evening of Friday 30th August we will be offering what is pretty much a Persepolis-Style-Persian-Style barbecue.

We'll be kicking off with a trio of dips: must-o-khiar (yoghurt with cucumber, mint, raisins and walnuts), tashi (tahina paste rich with herbs, lemon and garlic), and mama ghanoush (with courgettes). There will also be salad olivieyeh (posh Persian potato salad) and Shirazi bean salsa.

Next up there will be herbed halloumi and home-made minced lamb sausages (or aubergine for veggies).

Then the action switches to the grills, where we will be serving Moroccan marinated souvlakia (pork), jujeh kebab (Iranian chicken with saffron and lemon), and liver with pomegranate and mint. Vegetarians will be offered ghormeh sabzi  a lush casserole of herbs and kidney beans and dried limes. These dishes will be accompanied by bread, rice, pickles and fresh herbs.

Pudding will be a very decadent pistachio and cardamom cake, served with rose kaymak (creamy stuff).

This feast is a set price of £35.00 per head and there wre will be a range of reasonably priced wines and beers specially selected for the occasion which customers can purchase separately from the licensed bar.

To book tickets, click here.

Wanted: Bike

Brockley Bikes write:

We are offering a reward of between £50—£100 (depending on condition) for the safe return of one of our courtesy bikes. It was lost in the early hours of Saturday 27th of July in the area of Camberwell Church Street and Peckham Road. We have had a couple of search parties out, but we have been unable to locate it.

It is nearly identical to the picture with a few little changes such as extra lights and a black rear rim. It is unlikely that someone would be able to use it as there is a Trelok frame mounted wheel lock on the rear and this would have to be ground off to make it usable—we have the key here!!

We are happy to pick it up and just need to know the location if anyone sees it so it can be returned to its stable for our customers to use.

Please contact (020) 70645222 or

Life Drawing with Green Tea Architects

Life drawing classes are the new pop-up restaurants. Malcolm writes with news of another option:

Green Tea Architects are holding life drawing evenings on a fortnightly basis starting on Thursday 12th September 2013. The evening starts at 6.15 and ends at 8.30.

There will be a 15 minute intermission during which time a complimentary glass of wine (or juice) will be available.

The venue is Room 104, 104 Endwell Road(next door to our offices)and the fee is £6.

Artists should arrive between 6 and 6.15 on the evening.

Honor Oak Women's Badminton Club

Sian writes:

The Honor Oak Women's badminton club is looking for new players when we kick off again on Sept 4th. We meet on Wednesday evenings from 8.30 – 9.30pm in Honor Oak Community Centre, Turnham Road, London, SE4 2JD

We are a friendly informal group of women of varying levels. Costs are £6 a month or £3 for a one off drop in session. Bring your own racket (but if you want to borrow one ask as some of us have spares)


LL Apple P