Brockley Central @ The Wickham Arms

Last night, the Hot Chip were the hot local ticket at the opening night of the new Amersham Arms. All of Brockley high-society was there. Probably. But Brockley Central was at the Wickham Arms.

We got together with some regular readers to take the conversation offline at the pub. Before the event, we worried whether some of the people who said they were coming might turn out to be people we'd cut in front of in the queue for Costcutters or squeezed ahead of on a morning train. As it turned out, we didn't recognise any of them, which just goes to show how rich and varied the world of SE4 actually is.

This was the line-up:

Brockley Nick
Brockley Jon and Brockley Sarah
Bob from Brockley
Sk8er Boi Joe
Fragrant Kate
Assistant to the Regional Manager at Coral, Elijah and the radiant Brianey
Dethroned King of Blackheath, Andrew

Every time a rakish gentleman walked through the door, or the sound of a Penny Farthing's bell tinkled outside, people wondered whether this was the arrival of Gentleman Hugh. But alas, that moment never came.

The Wickham lived up to its billing as the most idiosyncratic of Millwall pubs, with some great live jazz but its modernisation programme unfortunately hasn't got round to installing a card payment system, so we only bought two drinks the whole evening. Fortunately, the Brockley community once again demonstrated its generous nature and we are suffering a slight hangover as a result.

Thanks to everyone who came - we really enjoyed it and maybe we'll even try and organise another one in the not-too-distant future.


Andrew Brown said...

Thanks for organising it, had a very nice time.

Hugh said...

I sent a man to relay to apologies. Did he not arrive? In the end I became bogged down booking a skiing trip on the electric internet, but certainly intend making an appearance in future.

Kate said...

It was fab! Great to meet everyone. Now I must make sure I recognise you all if I bump into you again ...

(oh and you didn't mention Monkeyboy's failure to appear, too!)

Brockley Sarah said...

(thought I'd use the name I've been given!)
Really enjoyed last night too!
We're just all so fabulous aren't we?!! ;0)
Joking aside well done NIck and look forward to another meeting soon.

Headhunter said...

Said I'd be there but in the end couldn't keep my end of the bargain... Hope to meet you next time...

Monkeyboy said...

I was trying to break into Hugh's house to steal his priceless collection of jewles and solid gold bike. Thought the bugger would be supping a pint the with the conservation area inteligensia.

He sent me paking with a arse full of shotgun pellets..... the swine!

leenewham said...

Ah, was that your blood Monkeyboy? Lewisham council are issuing a £25 fine for littering.

Mark said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hugh said...

Monkeyboy, you left a pair of frilly knickers on my fence.

Richard Elliot said...

How does only buying two drinks all night equate to a hangover?!? ;-)

Hopefully I'll make the next drinks.

? said...

I didn't get there until late... as I could not find a baby sitter.

Looked for a group of men with one female but didn't see any. There was a group with 3 females, but as this didn't tally and I was so late I didn't interrupt the cosy gathering.

Stood to the side and had a lonely drink to the strain of some neat jazz.

metronet said...

The frilly knickers were a calling card. I leave them at all my crime scenes.

bob said...

It was good to meet you all. Will eventually post about it on my blog!

Hugh said...

Can we do this again, but with me this time?

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