Love to the west side

Being a glass-half-full sort of a blog, Brockley Central decided to make the most of missing our train this morning by venturing over to the west side of Brockley Station, to see what was happening.

We wandered up and down, trying to envisage how Mantle Road will look when all of the planned developments have taken place and then ventured further afield. It looked quite lovely in the autumn light, though the streets were incredibly quiet, as they have always been whenever we've walked around the area.

So we'd like to ask Brockley Central's west-side readers (who we suspect are in the minority) why we should visit the west wide more often?

It's not a rhetorical question and it's certainly not meant to fuel east-v-west debate, but, such "destinations" as Brockley has all seem to be on the east side of the station: Hilly Fields, the Cemetary, the Brockley Jack, Moonbow Jakes, Jam Circus, the Rivoli, the Sunflower Centre and so on.

The west has some nice streets, but is there anything to tempt the east-siders to run the gauntlet across the station bridge?