Lewisham Safer Neighbourhoods Survey

The Met Police now have an online survey for residents of Lewisham to report local problems.

Oddly, the survey lumps together issues such as flytipping and poor streetlighting with crimes like sexual or racially-motivated assault. We'd hope that there are more appropriate vehicles for registering those kinds of problems than an internet survey, but the data will help the Safer Neighbourhood Teams in Lewisham, so worth doing if you have any ongoing concerns in your area.


Anonymous said...

Hi, You might be interested to know that Lewisham Safer Neighbourhood Teams have begun using our 'Love Lewisham' site to report these kind of issues by posting photos of the problems on our site. They've sent over 60 reprots over the last 7 days!
http://www.lovelewisham.org uk

Brockley Me said...

Someone tried to snatch my bag at the corner of Manor Ave and Geoffrey road yesterday, around 7.50pm. He didn't get it, and he (oddly) wasn't very aggressive or nasty; but he very definately had his hands on the straps at one point. I reported this to Lewisham Police and their response was excellent. I just want to encourage anyone else who's experienced similar to report it. There's a special unit dedicated to 'street robbery' and they are aware of several possibly related incidents in Brockley/Honor Oak park area, possibly targeting returning commuters, that they are actively working on. Any extra info will help them out. Meanwhile keep to well-lighted areas, and pay attention to who's walking ahead/behind you... Keep safe, everyone.

james said...

Last week, on returning from work to home in Telegraph Hill a work colleague was mugged by a gan of 14 year olds who stole her bag and attacked her until she gave up her mobile phone.

It would seem that commuters need to watch out, even though Lewisham is one of the safer boroughs in London

Anonymous said...

james, where did this happen? Did she walk from Brockley or New Cross gate???

James said...

She was walking from Nunhead station to Telegraph hill - but was at the top of Telegraph hill when it happened, on the busy main street

Anonymous said...

Hi -
me, my flatmate and his girlfriend had a run in with some kids at the bottom of harefield road - next to Brockley Road - about 11pm on Saturday night. Nothing serious although one kid hit my ear - I've just moved here (not far from New Crosd) and wanted to know is this usual?

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