Brockley Christmas market details announced

Brockley's Christmas Market is confirmed for December 1st.

The Christmas Market will take place on Coulgate Street and will feature 15 stalls, all of which have been allocated. Goldsmiths College will be supporting the market [update: apparently, Goldsmiths are no longer able to participate, but the fair will still have a full complement of stands].

The market is a pilot initiative, led by Sarah Pfeiffer of Lewisham Council and the Brockley Cross Action Group (yes, them again) and its success could lead to further street market events in future.

Street market operators have so-far been discouraged from considering Brockley as a location because of perceived lack of local demand and the relatively small and inaccessible sites which Brockley can offer.

Last year's Christmas programme included carol singing, lantern making and an "illuminations" ceremony for the Christmas lights.


Ratbag said...

Fab! Lots of local artists and goodies I hope!

Anonymous said...

yippee! Will put this in the diary love anything related to Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Yay! - Maybe I'll walk my cats over to it and buy them each a Santa's outfit (joke) :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,

FYI the BCAG will be holding a meeting at TM2 on Thursday 15th Nov at 8pm. All supporters welcome
PS. The BCAG website has recently had a facelift!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that stalls have already been allocated - and wonder how and when potential stall holders are given details? I got called last year (yup, I, too, was one of those sodden bods in the pouring rain) - and wondered what was happening about this year? Those of you who wanted to know about this year - guess I won't be in Brockley but am at Hither Green Fair on 5 December so you can see me there!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry, I think that those were allocated almost two years ago, that blogpost is in fact of 2007.

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