Ladywell Playtower to be reopened in 2019

Lewisham Council has committed to restore Ladywell Baths, the derelict Victorian building sometimes known as The Playtower.

Following pressure from the Ladywell Village Improvement Group, it has now published a timetable for the project, which aims to reopen the building in the second half of 2019, at a cost of £4-5million.

Expressions of interest from developers will be invited in January 2017 and a winning bidder will be selected by March.

The Ladywell Village Improvement Group commented:

"The Council's has, over recent years, signally failed to make committed effort to safeguard the future of this building, despite the significant ongoing costs to the Council Tax payer.  So we are pleased to see that a clear process is in now place and hopes the this results in good schemes which include at least some element of community access/use.

"This might include a mix of some of the following - restaurant, bar, cinema, theatre, community office space, fitness/leisure facilities - though doubtless other options exist!"