Time Out: 14 reasons to go to Brockley Road

Once upon a time, I saw it as my job to rebalance Brockley's media profile. If the area attracted any coverage at all, it would usually be for a stabbing. Today, real journalists dish out the kind of hyperbole that even Brockley Nick-circa-2009 would have blanched at.

Time Out has given us 14 reasons to visit Brockley Road and begins:

"Brockley Road is south-east London’s answer to LA’s Sunset Boulevard."

Brockley Road's snaking, gap-toothed nature means that it's easy to forget that the Brockley Jack and Gently Elephant share the same address, so this a nice celebration of SE4 eclecticism.

To see their list, click here Thanks to Joe for the spot.


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