The Brockley Street Art Festival 2017, June 2-10

Ten new works will be created across Greater Brockley as part of this year's Festival, which returns for its third year next month.

The organisers have recruited national and international artists, including locals Pangea Arts (above) and Doodle Man Colour (below).
Director Phillipa writes:

"This  year's addition  of  street  art  tours  will  offer  the  opportunity  for visitors and local residents to get more involved with the festival than ever before, exploring the tales and techniques of a selection of work which has been produced by previous festi-vals, including Dale Grimshaw’s landmark Bob Marley mural and Artista’s Flying Toast.

"The festival has also been working with local schools to offer tours of the existing murals for school children, and as well as devising a free self-guided family trail, will be hosting a dedicated walking tour for children and families, led by museum, gallery and arts educator Neysela da SilvaReed.

"Other events and activities include live painting jam Merging Inks, an exclusive screening of cult  graffiti  film Bomb  It at the pop up Courtroom  Cinema and a talk  about  the  2015  mural Supernova in our Hearts, created by south London arts collective Artmongers, in collaboration with STEAM:ED and supernova discoverer and astronomer Dr. Steve Fossey.

"Bristol-based artist Aspire will also create his trademark pixelated birds close to a local community garden and  self-taught  street  artist  Koeone  will bring his photo-realist female portraits to another. Popular local artist Lionel Stanhope will also be continuing south London’s trend  towards traditional signpost murals, following in the footsteps of Herne Hill and Hither Green, with a mural planned for under the nearby railway bridge."