Yes, Let's

Could this be the most measured and accurate account of Brockley ever to appear in a national newspaper? The Guardian's Let's Move To column has covered Brockley and says that while the case against it is a lack of a proper town centre (although Coulgate Street is doing its best) the case for it is as follows:

 "I like Brockley. Gentrification advances, but has yet to overwhelm the place. Duck down the odd back alley, squint and you might have slipped down a wormhole to 1978 when it was full of sociology students from Goldsmiths, bohemians and the scent of wacky baccy and rosebay willow herb.

"A glance in an estate agent’s window might break the spell, but the geography of hills, valleys and crisscrossing railway lines is complex enough to keep hidden wormholes to a past long disappeared in inner London, like a wee nature reserve off terraced streets, or Hilly Fields park, its stone circle glowering over London’s thrusting skyline, the glorious Rivoli Ballroom, and the shaggy mews of overgrown flora behind the town houses on Wickham Road.

"It feels like London used to feel, only with decent coffee. And a lovely Saturday market. The past wasn’t always so great."

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