The South East London solar buyers club

Our local renewable energy collective says:

Brockley households are being given the chance to cash in on cheap solar power, thanks to a new community ‘buyers’ club’.  The not-for-profit project aims to bring households together so that they can use their collective purchasing power to knock down the costs of buying and installing solar panels on their homes.

The project is being launched by South East London Community Energy (Selce) at an evening event on Friday 2nd March in Greenwich. The local co-operative has already raised almost £400,000 to install solar arrays on seven local primary schools. Now it wants to help Lewisham's residents to ‘go solar’ as well. Residents living in conservation areas will also be eligible.

“Many people like the idea of installing solar panels on their roof but the costs and complexity can be off-putting,” says Selce’s chair, Camilla Berens. “Our new Solar Buyers’ Club will not only bring down the costs of the whole process but it’s also supported by quality installers.”

Selce is working with Community Renewable Energy Wandsworth (Crew) to launch the club. It is hoped that by teaming up with households in other parts of London, even bigger savings can be made. “The more people who club together, the lower the cost,” Camilla explains. “Participants will also benefit from government subsidies that are provided for small-scale solar generators. These subsidies are being withdrawn completely next year, so it’s a case of use it or lose it.”

The project has a feel-good factor as well. “The more solar energy we can generate as a community, the less we depend on climate-changing fossil fuels,” Camilla adds. “What’s more, £100 from each installation will go towards supporting Selce’s not-for-profit project to help low-income households who are being forced to make the choice between heating and eating.” So far, Selce’s pop-up energy advice cafes have provided advice and support to over 1,200 local people.

Selce’s Buyer’s Club event is taking place on Friday 2nd March 2018 from 7pm – 9pm at Mycenae House, 90 Mycenae Road, London, SE3 7SE. To book a site survey to assess the suitability of your roof for solar power, please email the project manager at  before March 2nd.