Brockley Common

I went to a meeting of the Brockley Cross Action Group meeting last night, to find out what their plans are for the area and see if there was any way I could help out.

It's a good group of people who actually seem to know how to get things done and have a clear vision for how they want to improve the area.

The plans for "Phase 2" of the Brockley Common development, on the wasteland by the station are really needed and will open up the land they've converted for "Phase 1", which at the moment is pretty inaccessible. I'd walked past it a hundred times and still wasn't clear how to actually get in there.

Brockley's lucky that it already has Hilly Fields and, to a lesser extent, Telegraph Hill, and I don't see the Common poaching many of their visitors any time soon, but it would completely transform the area around the station, which is currently such a poor advert for the area.