Tell it to the judge

Here's the letter I sent to the Clark to the Licensing Justices about the application to turn the Homeview video shop in to a betting shop. I'll shed no tears for Homeview - I'm relatively new to the area and missed any glory days it may have had. It's a doomed business model. And I've got no problem with gambling. My objection is based purely on the fact that there are a million other things the street and the area could do with more. It's a great spot and I'm amazed no rival offers for the site have come forward. If anyone wants to go in to business with me, let me know!

Dear Sir / Madam

I am just writing to object to the application above.

My objection to a betting office is that they diminish the character of a street, adding nothing to the streetscape or community life. Betting shops block up their windows with promotions and branding and often feature dark and uninviting entrances, which don’t encourage passing trade or bring new visitors to the area.

Brockley is a rapidly-improving area, but the decision to grant another betting office license would, in my view, show a shameful lack of ambition for the high-street. I believe that this section of the high-street has at least as much potential as that around Crofton Park, which is far more vibrant at present.

The proposed site is extremely prominent, which means that a betting shop would be especially disappointing. Brockley appears to have a growing proportion of young families (like mine) and a betting shop does nothing for these people.

In summary, I believe that by granting a license, you would be missing an opportunity to stimulate regeneration in Brockley and serve the best interests of the local community.

Thank you for your consideration of my letter.

Best wishes

I got a letter of acknowledgement and invitation to the hearing in response.

There's still time to object - write to:

The Clark to the Licensing Justices
Greenwich Magistrates Court
9 Blackheath Road
SE10 8PG Ref - Objection to application for betting office, 329-331 Brockley Road, London, SE4 2QZ