Happy Christmas from Brockley Central

If we were working to the same yuletide calendar as the boy who's knocked, optimistically, on our door to sing carols several times already this year, we'd have posted this message in the last week of November and then at least once a week since.

As it is, we had a lovely Christmassy day yesterday, pottering around Brockley, making our final preparations. Even though getting the car MOT-ed, doing dry cleaning and buying six eggs from Costcutter are not, on the face of it, particularly festive, the sum of the experiences reminded us that It's a Wonderful Life in Brockley.

So from Brockley Jon and Brockley Nick, we'd like to wish you all a merry Christmas - we will be back just afterwards with our Brockley Central Review of the Year and our resolutions for 2008...