What should the map be for?

Behind the scenes, Brockley Central's Jon and Nick have been discussing what the interactive map should be for. Should it be a Yellow Pages of Brockley, documenting every place of interest in the area, or should it only feature places that meet our impeccable standards? If we're selective, what should the criteria be and should it be based on our recommendations or yours?

What do you think?


Pete said...

I think it should only be for places that meet your own high standards. Places that you would recommend to your friends and that you would write about in a positive light.

b said...

i agree with pete, with a couple of provisos ... because i don't know who your friends are. It shouldn't be a map of every business, bar, restaurant, venue, poi in the area - only ones that would have value wherever they were situated.

Richard said...

I don't see why it can't be a mixture of the two. Although not every business in Brockley can be listed, this doesn't mean those that don't meet certain peoples' standards shouldn't be. Of course local businesses deserving praise should be the first on the map, but so should others, so that we can all hear why we should or shouldn't go there. There will be no basis for comparison and little encouragement for an improvement in standards and/or diversity if only the cream of the crop receive exposure.

I would suggest a place should make it on the map once Nick or Jon have personally visited and formed an opinion, or once a place has received enough mentions on the site to deem it locally significant (for good or bad reasons).

Richard Elliot said...

I think the great thing about blogs is their personal nature, comprehensive business directories can be left elsewhere. I would like to see the map have integrated reviews.

Without subsidising baby sitters and umpteen meals out for Nick and John we should let democracy work. If somewhere gets a threshold of mentions / nominations it should be added.

Richard said...

Of course - anywhere that has had little or no recognition on the site would not deserve recognition on the map.

Perhaps those places particularly favoured by the site's membered could be 'featured' places on the map? When updating the Jam Circus info (I'm not sure when this will appear) I notice there is an option to add a review once a business is clicked on. Maybe any Brockley Central reviews could automatically be listed this way, with readers free to add their own?

Anonymous said...

There might be places useful to visit but which offer a standard service that you wouldn't exactly recommend but which are useful to know about, in which case a comprehensive listings would make sense. For those places that you are actively recommending you could have a gold star or something along those lines.

spincat said...

A star system/colour coding could work in a number of ways.
You could have a gold star for a place that you personally recommend and a green star for a place that get a number of positive comments (over a ceertain threshold) but which you haven't personally experienced. Then some other coding for useful services, as per the suggestion above.

brockley mutha said...

following on with that train of thought - what about a voting system - with marks for service, product, appearance, value etc etc. It wouldn't be possible for Nick and Jon to personally appraise every local business in the area, for example the beautician (metrosexuality notwithstanding, and it would make use of the combined experience of everyone who makes use of this site, which could be a valuable resource.

Anonymous said...

There should be different maps for different things. Three categories come to mind.

Places to get something to eat in the evening.

Places of entertainment.


Otherwise a map is going to be crowded with too many pins.

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