Ladywell dog puncher sought

The News Shopper reports:

The RSPCA are appealing for information after CCTV at Ladywell rail station appeared to show a man punching a dog and then throwing him against a wall.

Footage showed a man with his brown and white Staffordshire bull terrier on June 6 at around 2pm.

Full details here.


RC said...

I've seen that guy on Vicar's hill before, literally picking the dog up off the floor by the lead when pulling him, at the time my wife had to stop me from going over and lamping him one. If I ever see him again I'll knock him out and see how he feels.

Gill said...

What's so sad is that Staffs are such loyal dogs and just put up with this treatment. I hope someone identifies him.

Nelson N said...

Scum. Sub-human scum

maisie_moo said...

I really hope they can find and rescue that poor dog. Shame it's such a poor quality picture, but hopefully someone will know who it is.

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