Net gain for Hilly Fields tennis

Patrick Bishop writes:

The Brockley Central Hilly Fields tennis net fundraiser generated an enormous amount of discussion, but it also generated a huge amount of generosity from Hilly Fields locals who read Brockley Central.

Together we successfully raised the money (nearly £300) for the nets which I bought last week.  Readers suggested I contact the council and parks contractor who were very supportive too – unsurprisingly, they thought it was great!   I handed over the nets to them earlier this week, and they put them up yesterday.  So we now have the newest, shiniest tennis nets in Britain. I believe they’ve also given the court a good tidy up too.

Great to see that so many people chose to support the project and give generously.  Someone also got in touch to suggest that we explore whether the council might be able to offer some kind of matched funding for these sorts of projects, which would definitely be interesting.  There were also a number of suggestions about tournaments and ladders etc., all of which we should look in to, if it’s not already been done!


Aaron Harris said...

Nice one. Great community spirit!!!

Game set and match said...

From small acorns might oaks do grow.

Quite modest funding, for a small project that addresses a gap in the existing public provision. Then quickly Integrated and handed over to the existing public services to take advantage of their established processes.

So the project has a beginning and an end. Everyone can see where the money went and appreciate the benefit of their contribution. It also has a long term future because the responsibility is then owned by a public authority. Who, hopefully, will run with it long term.

This is adding a little oil to the creaky gearing of local public services.

I am very impressed with the positive response from the Council.

I hope that this sort of thing has legs and there will be other small projects that can do the same sort of thing in different areas. The potential is clearly there. These things add up to great deal more than the sum of their parts and they engage those with energy and initiative in the community to get something done.

Well done Patrick! I am sure your efforts will be very much appreciated by the local Tennis playing community.

Gemini said...

Great news. Well done everyone!

decsop1 said...

Bravo, Patrick! The nets look lovely and shiny, and I can't wait to use the courts (if it ever stops blowing a gale...!).

Duncan said...

I would love to play as part of a wider group of players - perhaps we can set up an league of some sort? I'll see if there are any free online applications to set this up

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