The Brockley Biennale

The 2016 Brockley Street Art Festival is drawing to an end and organiser Lionel Stanhope has compiled this montage of works from this year's event.

The response to the work has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic, but some are questioning whether you can have too much of a good thing.

I think one item of street art is a delightful curiosity, quite a bit of street art is de trop, but a massive amount of street art becomes a tourist attraction.

This year's contributions have helped Brockley pass through to the uncanny valley, so that we are now London's leading street art destination. Given that nearly every artwork adorns somewhere that was previously grotty, the Street Art Festival has been an unalloyed good.

In time, the Brockley Street Art Festival will surely grow in to the Venice Biennale of spray paint.