Brockley GO

The Nostalgia-Telly industry of 2030 will have trouble putting together "I Love 2016".

This summer's diet of football humiliation, Islamic terrorism, the Zika virus, Brexit and left-wing political implosion will be hard to make banal jokes about.

But Pokemon Go promises to be the year's hula hoop and it's no surprise that in a year when reality has been so awful that the opportunity to augment it has produced the biggest craze.

The mobile game overlays Pokemon onto the streets around you and designates certain spots as 'gymnasia' where players can battle the creatures they capture.

Among the local battlegrounds are Breakspears Mews and Luxmore Gardens, while Brockley's street art features prominently in the game, including the Brockley Cross tiger and the Shardeloes Road poem. The game has earned some notoriety for sending players into dubious locations, so if you spot any quirks in the mapping, please share here.