Coming soon: Waterintobeer

Brockley is brewing a beer ecosystem.

Waterintobeer is a new beer shop, hoping to open on Mantle Road next month. Tim explains:

Our beer shop will be located on the west side of the station in the old dry cleaners. We'll be selling bottles and cans of real ale and craft beer, homebrew equipment and ingredients, plus books about beer. 

We hope to put on various small scale events such as meet the brewer and tasting events. We plan to open mid August, dependent on the license being approved and works being completed on the premises. 

I have an allotment around the corner from the shop and have 14 hop plants (among other things) growing on it at the moment, which I plan to either make a batch of homebrew using only Brockley grown hops or get the professionals in to do the same...

Visit their website here to learn more.