Orange ordered for Tressillian Road

Sue writes:

A front wall on Tressillian Road is currently being built by a subcontractor under Rydon [BC: Rydon is part of a PFI consortium that maintains 1838 homes in Brockley].

The old wall was being pushed out by the tree. On Wednesday this wall was demolished and yesterday a load of orange bricks arrived. I was genuinely shocked to see they were being laid this morning - I thought the orange was a mistake.

Spoke to the bricklayer who seemed very uncomfortable in the job - he said was a matter of what was cheapest option, £1 for this per brick, £2.80 for the proper London brick as seen in the neighbouring wall. He said the orange was the cheapest sort-of-match to the remaining bit of wall.

Firstly, it is a very poor match and secondly, the remaining bit is also not very attractive and surely the job should have been to take down the whole lot and start again with bricks sympathetic to the area and surrounding walls.

I find it gobsmacking that the council can do this - replacing windows in the area is a total headache with numerous planning steps - all worthwhile and understandable - and then the council can come and do this.


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