Surface-to-air rocket launcher case found in Brockley

Brockley expansionism just got real. The Mail reports:

[Brockley woman] Kelly Watson posted a photo of the case, designed to hold the Javelin S-15 missile - used by British troops in the Gulf War - after finding it on the pavement.

She said she found the case for the laser-guided warhead - also known as a Starburst Missile and which can be fired from the shoulder like a bazooka - next to other dumped items, including a stereo speaker - and admitted it was a 'pretty random' find.

There were just over 13,000 of the missiles - which have a range of more than four miles and carries a 'high explosive fragmentation' warhead - built between 1989 and 2005 by Thales Air Defence Limited, which is based in Belfast.


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