Crofton Park Vinyl

What a record looks like
Will writes:

We are setting up a vinyl record shop in Crofton Park Library. Most of the proceeds will go directly towards funding the running of the library and improvements to it.

We will be working closely with the already established and successful Crofton Books, who are also based at the library

There will always be low priced bargains whenever the library or book shop are open. For more collectible and desirable items, Crofton Park Vinyl will be exclusively staffed at the following times (as of Sunday 10th Dec):
Sundays: 1130-1330
Tuesdays: 1800-1900
Thursdays: 1800-1900

To help get us going we’re looking for vinyl donations. If you have a collection, big or small, that you no longer listen to, please bring it in, or we can come and collect. If you have items that are worth more than a few quid that you wouldn’t just want to part with, then we can sell them on your behalf for a commission, including a library donation.

If you want to know more or are interested in donating please contact me here.


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