Lewisham Councillors call on Labour to change Pro-Brexit stance

Seventy Labour councillors from Lewisham, Lambeth and Southwark, unhappy at Labour's pro-Brexit policies, have written a joint letter to the party's leadership, asking them to change course.

Labour has struggled to spell out its specific position on Brexit and this letter is similarly vague, falling just short of calling for Labour to stop the Brexit process or push for a second referendum. Nor does it say anything about the single market or customs union. All they know is that they are not happy with the direction of travel.

Politics.co.uk quotes signatory James Coldwell of Southwark council as saying:

"Leavers and Remainers alike now see that the reality of Brexit bears almost no resemblance to what voters were sold last year. In changed circumstances, Labour must have the courage to offer voters the chance to say whether they wish to go ahead with Britain’s exit from the EU. Staying silent up to now has damaged the Tories enormously. But if Labour continues to treat Brexit as an exercise in political point-scoring, future generations won’t forgive us."


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