Because everyone loves a poll

Polls - the lifeblood of PR agencies and exhausted TV formats... and bloggers.

We've incorporated a poll into Brockley Central and we've kicked it off with a rather basic question to try and learn a bit more about the people who read this site, but we hope this feature will prove to be a useful (if unscientific) guide to local opinion in future.

Polls will be left on the site until they've outlived their welcome - but we'll collate the results on the site.

We've got some ideas about what other polls we could run, but if anyone has any good suggestions, please feel free to leave them here.


What's your favourite Brockley art?

The steak and kidney pudding grave 22% (18 votes)
The giant clockwork key 44% (36 votes)
The station mural 20% (16 votes)
The reclamation yard on Lewisham Way 15% (12 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 82


The Balance of Power: are you 'good Brockley', 'bad Brockley' or something else altogether?

Good: I'm an artist, teacher or spiritualist and I was here before Moonbows 18% (8 votes)
Bad: I work in financial services and I want to replace Hilly Fields with a heliport 32% (14 votes)
Yummy mummy or daddy 2% (1 votes)
Unemployed 5% (2 votes)
I work in IT, PR, etc so my opinions aren't important 43% (19 votes)

Total voters for this poll: 44


Brockley's getting a deli and a gallery, what's the next thing you'd like?

A place to eat 0% (0 votes)
A place to drink 32% (21 votes)
A Hilly Fields Cafe 14% (9 votes)
Brockley Common Phase 2 14% (9 votes)
A street market 17% (11 votes)
A gym 12% (8 votes)
Nothing, leave it alone 2% (1 votes)
Other 9% (6 votes):
health food shop
Bookshop (with coffee)
A hilly fields art gallery and bar, run by me
a cash machine!

Total voters for this poll: 65


How long have you lived in Brockley?

Less than a year 18% (17 votes)
1-3 years 37% (35 votes)
3-5 years 12% (11 votes)
5+ years 24% (23 votes)
I don't live in Brockley I just read the blog 9% (9 votes)

Total voters for this poll: 95


Richard Elliot said...

Who would like a deli in Brockley? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Definitely. In fact I thought that the Homeview site would have been perfect, being halfway between the Brockley Cross end and Crofton Park end of the main road.

Hugh said...

This may have been done, but has anyone - you included, Nick - suggested users of this site meet for a drink at one of the local pubs? For those of us who live but don't work locally it would be a great opportunity to sample the much-vaunted neighbourliness of Brockley.

Brockley Nick said...

It was suggested a while back and almost happened(!), except for the fact that various people's work schedules conspired to force us to reschedule for some time later this year - maybe Sept.

leenewham said...

I htink this is an excellent idea. As I said before, any information that potential investers in Brockley can have access to which may help them deceide what type of business to open up would be invaluable.

And yes, I think it would be good to meet up for a drink. The Brockley Society seems to have died a death, any dialogue residents have can be positive. Perhaps we could try a different meeting point every time and give a review of where we meet?

leenewham said...

...And yes, I'd LOVE a deli, a butchers, cheese shop, proper bakery and brilliant organic greencrocers/farmers shop all next to one another, all selling different with a home delivery service (they they all share) so I can drop my bags off at the end of the row of shops and get it delivered to my home.

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