Moonbow Makeover

Local cafe / music venue / the centre of the Brockley universe Moonbow Jakes will look ten years younger, once the decorators have finished.

A couple of people have asked us what's being done and Moonbow's John explains:

"We have sanded the floor and painted the walls, ceilings and toilets - still a bit to finish yet. Done a few repairs in the loo and going to do some work at the back counter side.

"The place already feels fresher and back to how it looked when it first opened."


Anonymous said...

Good on them - however i kind of like the more 'weathered' hippy-type feel to it as it is.

Seem as we are on the subject, anyone know whats happening to the ex-Homeview unit? I notice they have cleared out the unit in preparation for something - hope its not that bookies. Its a great size and shaped unit, perfect for a little pub - come on someone...please....

Spincat said...

Anon, I would not worry too much: to me it looks much the same now as it did when it opened, so putting it back to how it was won't make much difference. The new(ish) feature (it wasn't there when it opened) is that little garden and my wish is that they'd do a bit more with it - last time I went out there for a smoke it just had a few half dead plants in pots. It could be really nice.

Why is it called Moonbows anyway said...

Yeah, somehow the half dead garden just doesn't suit Moonbows. It's our preference to sit out the front with the boy racers rather than round the back in the bin shed. Get some greenery in there.

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